Sunday, June 15, 2008

Your Father's Day Player of the Day

I only saw the 1st half of the Sweden v Spain match & the 2nd half of the Russia v Greece match but from what I saw, Spain's stoppage time winner isn't enough to stop the 1st award going to a player on a losing side. For the 1st 7 match days, the Player of the Day has been either a goalie who kept a team in a match or a goal scorer who won a game; however, your Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day for day 8 has done neither of those things. He did, however, put in a strong performance on the left wing as he captained his team into the 2nd place position in Group D. He was able to use all the talent he developed @ Arsenal & has since been squandered @ West Ham. The reasons for the squandering of his talent are 3-fold. 1) He's been injury prone every since he developed blood poisoning from his large tattoos. 2) His Calvin Klein underwear modeling career has often seemed to overshadow his playing career. 3) He's simply too good for the rest of the West Ham team, and they can't seem to play @ his level. That's right folks, your Visons of Ypsi Player of the Day for Father's Day is Madonna's former boyfriend (this guy has all the tabloid stuff going for him), Freddie Ljungberg.


peltierinator said...

You slept with Ljungbeg? I can't believe it.

Andre said...