Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waiting on the cable dude or East Side Represent!

Many things have happened since I last blogged, but I'm pressed for time right now and I broke my thumb which makes typing hard so this will be a rather short update.
Last Weekend:
I went to Chicago for Katie Weaver's wedding. A good time was had by all & during the non-wedding stuff, I got to check out the city a bit. I was there for a soccer game last year & for a concert in 1996, but I haven't actually spent time in the city since I was a little kid. I went to the library which is enormous but the inside looks like a Russian prison. We had a shitty lunch in Chinatown and I went to some creepy museum which basically seemed like some Communist brain-washing facility... I got the fuck out as quickly as I could. I also checked out a couple museums: The Water Tower Gallery & the Loyola University Museum of Art. The water Tower had a cool post-modern photography exhibit & the LUMA is in the middle of a 19th cent. American Landscape exhibit. More pictures from the trip will be posted soon, but here is the view from the pool on the 27th floor of our hotel followed by my mom w/ the life size Lego Batman in Macy's. Soccer Game:
We rushed home from Chicago so I could make it to my game Sunday evening. It was a fun victory for the Dark Green Team. The score was nil-nil @ the half, & then 10 minutes into the 2nd half, I took a rocket of a kick in the thumb which seems to have broken it. I subbed out and stuck it in the beer cooler for about 10 mins before taping it up and proceeding to score 2 goals. That's right folks, that's 6 goals in5 games making Andre the leading scorer on the team.Moving:
The big move took place this week & we are settled in our new house in The Historic East Side Neighborhood... yep, we moved on up! Major thanks go out to Shannon, Wendy & Andy for the help they provided. Now it's just a matter of moving some plants & getting the cable hooked up. The main issue w/ that, of course, is the Internet. I'm in my office right now, but by Saturday afternoon I should be able to come to you live from the new place. However, the kids' last game is Saturday morning & we have the Normal Park Neighborhood Association yard sale Saturday too, so hooking up the cable Saturday (the only day for a week & a 1/2 they could do it) will be a bit problematic. Apparently, Stephanie will run the sale w/ my mom while I coach the game & my dad waits for the cable guy. It'll all be worth it though once Euro 2008 starts w/ the Swiss playing the Czechs & Portugal playing Turkey Saturday afternoon.


Daye said...


you can always watch the games out here

Warren said...

Are the Legos in the Batman glued together? One would think they would be, lest... well, you know... you'd have an Amazing Shrinking Batman... or an Amazing Anatomically Altered Batman.

And then one ponders the question: if Legos get glued together, do they cease to be Legos... their essence being their rearrangability?

Andre said...

Your ontological Lego claim is blowing my mind.

I'm not certain that their essence is their rearrangability. I think that is just one aspect of their nature. While obviously an important aspect, I doubt losing this one would negate their Legoness entirely.

This is a good discussion. What does everyone else think?

Shan said... man.

so hey, welcome to the east side!

dan said...

If your need for cable requires an individual other than you to wait for the might be a redneck!
Okay, not a redneck, bad Foxworthy joke, just a person who may need to reevaluate your TV dependency.

One thing is for sure you got the right man for the job!

6 goals? You might be leading the lead. Good work!

stephanie said...

I second the thanks to Daye, Shannon and Andy!! Thank you thank you!!!!

Shan said...

awww, no problem!