Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yesterday (including your Player of the Day)

Last night, I made a fun stir fry dinner w/ veggie gyoza & we are outside in the huge new back yard. Afterwards we walked into Depot Town for an ice cream @ Cafe Luwak. For years I eschewed the cone in favor of the bowl, but recently the waffle cone is back in favor. Furthermore, I've spent years exclusively getting chocolate peanut butter, but I went w/ a 1/2 scoop of chocolate (no peanut butter) & a 1/2 scoop of strawberry. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the ice cream, we went to Frog Island for the summer concert & saw the WCC Jazz Band. We ran into Warren & then Brook & Shawn (who were also enjoying some Luwake ice cream) before we needed to rush home so Solstice could drop a deuce.

Speaking of the old #2, the Swiss took a shit on the field yesterday becoming the 1st team eliminated from Euro 08. Unlike the Portuguese who cruised to a 3-1 victory over the Czechs, which leads us to you Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day for Game Day 5. Wendy's son Matt won't be pleased if the rumors of his transfer to Real Madrid are true, but he should be pleased that his favorite metrosexual is the Player of the Day. He had this very award stripped from him during the 2006 World Cup, but since then many people have come to agree that he may well be the greatest player in the world right now. It was hard to find a picture that didn't accentuate his "metrosexuality," so this 1 will have to do. Here it is, your VoYPotD: Cristiano Ronaldo.


Holly said...

Ya know, I wouldn't appreciate it if my dad publically announced that I pooped and I dare say that Solstice would not either.
You seem to be kind of poo obsessed these days...which is good considering you are soon to have a little poo factory in your house!

stephanie said...

These days?? :-D hahaaaa

Andre said...

Everyone is poop-obsessed. You all love to talk about it too.