Friday, June 20, 2008


I've been selling my old appliances on Craig's List and actually doing pretty well. So far I've sold the fridge, the washer, & the dryer, & it looks like the stove, the ceiling fans & a large mirror will go today. I'm loving this & trying to find a few more things I can dump on random strangers. I've made a few hundred bucks which will go nicely w/ the cash I'll be bringing in from my new part-time job across town. I'm starting Mon. morning @ 8:00 @ Plum Market. It feels strange to go to a grocery store again after so many years, but it will be an easy summer job. I may stay on part time once the semester starts too. I have a ton of fond memories of my stint @ the Whole Foods low those many years ago, but I doubt this will be the same. I'm not expecting to go to the bar w/ work-folks every night & make life-long friends, but we'll see.

Speaking of junk, I got a pair of shorts for Father's Day that didn't fit right so I took them back to Macy's & exchanged them for some jeans. The men's section @ Macy's is ridiculous. In fact, only this one pair of jeans was worth getting. Everything else was either for the golf course or for young metrosexual rock stars... 80 bucks for a skin tight t-shirt? WTF? Seeing as I'm not actually the metrosexual rock star I fancy myself as, I had to go w/ a simple pair of Levis. However, as I was making the exchange, the woman at the register asked if I wanted to apply for a Macy's card. I laughed. She then said I'd get a free watch... more junk I can sell on Craig's List! When I realized the watch wasn't contingent on getting approved for the card, I filled out the form & am now the owner of some fancy, big faced chrome watch. I might actually keep it. Coincidentally, I haven't worn a watch since I worked @ the Food Whole, so maybe this is a good time to start again.In other junk news, the kids were watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody yesterday & the plot revolved around a character (London Tipton... a sarcastic dig on Paris Hilton) getting disinherited. They asked me what that meant so I had to explain inheritance. "You know, how when I die, you'll get my junk? That's inheritance. Disinheritance means that the parent or whomever refuses to leave the junk to a specific person." Solstice's response: "Sweet! I'm getting all your stuff?!?!" I think she started making a mental list right then. Aiden's response (while pointing @ his penis): "Your junk? Why would I want that?" Those kids make me so proud.Speaking of being proud, this man, back form suspension after a red card against Croatia should be proud of his performance against Portugal yesterday. He got a goal & 2 assists in yesterday's 3-2 quarter final match. After that performance, he will also be proud to be today's Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day: Bastian schweinsteiger.
Celebrating his goal, 2 assists & Player of the Day award


Shan said...

hey, i wonder if i could sell my truck on craigs list. the mount to the leaf spring on one side may be broken, but it still runs!

Andre said...

I'm sure you could. I put stuff up 2 days ago and it's almost all gone. I had inquiries about it w/in 5 minutes.

jason said...

That's pretty sweet that you're selling that shit. I shop in the men's section at Macy's fairly often. Am I golfer or a metrosexual rock star? They always have tons of shit on clearance, so that $80 skin tight shirt? I'll get it for $20 in a few months. And my nipples will have never looked so good.

Elizabeth said...

Definitely a metrosexual, possibly a rock star.

Sounds like you made out like a bandit this fathers day.

dan said...

Aiden rocks!