Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey Underpants!...Douchebags & Players of the Days

I had a day off on Tuesday so we decided to do some sort of museum type thing. We went to the library & got 4 free passes to the Detroit Historical Museum & made the cruise down there expecting a great time. your Visions of Ypsi Douchebag of the Day wasn't fully aware of the situation & as he tried to park the car he was told, "I'm sorry, the museum isn't open to the public on Tuesdays." At least I didn't drive cross-country in a station wagon Griswold style. It would have been pretty sweet if I'd been wearing a dickie, but oddly, that day I wasn't. We then thought about the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History which is across the street, but it would have been 25 bucks & the whole point was to avoid spending money (considering free tix to that are available @ the library too) so we came back to Ypsi & toured the Ypsilanti Historical Museum which is actually really cool. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already. In the basement they have the Ypsilanti Archives which include old documents about most of the older homes in town. We got the check out stuff about both our new place & the Sheridan house.

Since we've covered the douchebag issue, let's move on to the soccer issue. Yesterday, Germany took it to the Turks & a young defender really rose to the occasion getting a goal & an assist. Today, Spain showed Russia the same thing they showed them in the group stage... their unstoppable drive to score. Here, for the 1st time since the very 1st day, I give you two Players of the Day @ 1 time. We also get yet another chance to talk about the great young Arsenal central mid-fielder who is still not starting for Spain. However, when Villa got hurt a 1/2 hour in, this guy came on & ran the show (or so it seemed from the highlights as I was working during the game). Here are your Visions of Ypsi Players of the Semi-Finals (don't forget to watch Spain v Germany on Sunday afternoon): Philipp Lahm & for the 3rd time, Cesc Fàbregas.
"They like me! They really like me!"

Who knew he also played hockey?


Scattyjan said...

Fantastic goal by Lahm - and I'm thinking you may be just a touch biased towards Fabregas! :)but since we (England) aren't in it, who am I to judge?!

Also counting down for The Clone Wars (in my head!)

Andre said...

I'm sure it appears that way, but I never thought he'd get the award thrice. He's just really impressed me this summer.

jason said...

Cesc is just being Cesc. He's really that good. This has been a sweet tournament. Probably better than any World Cup I've seen. I'm going to see Beckham vs DC United on Sunday and I was kinda bummed because I thought I was going to miss the Final, but I just found out that we're going to see it there at the stadium after the game. Pretty cool. Am I betraying my German heritage if I root for the Spanish?

Andre said...

No; you'd be betraying your metrosexuality if you didn't.

That's awesome that you're going to the game. Tell Goldenballs I said hi.

jason said...

And your buddy Landon too?

Andre said...

He hasn't posted on your site lately. Ask him why he's slacking.