Friday, June 13, 2008

Your Player of the Day: Renyolds Style

I took it upon myself to watch Smokey & the Bandit this week & must say I enjoyed it more than ever before. Solstice was a baby the 1st time I saw it. I hated the red-neck ridiculousness. I've seen bits & pieces over the years since then but hadn't watched it all again until now. It must be said that Jackie Gleason was brilliant to take the role. The royalties from this film must have been 2nd only to Honeymooners royalties for him throughout his life. Of course, the Jerry Reed song is fantastic; that's really what motivated me to watch it.As far as the player for Day 6 is concerned, watching Croata beat Germany yesterday was absolutely shocking. Roger & I went to Aubree's to see the game& that dude was nearly in tears. That said, all the player of the day was missing was a moustache & he would have been as bad-ass as the Bandit. That's right, your Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day is Luka Modrić.


peltierinator said...

good job watching Smokey and The Bandit, why not anything about the French game. I realize it is a improbable task to advance at this point. A win and most likely they are through, however it is hard to win when you keep some of the best players on the bench. After seeing the draw Romania was not the team I expected to go through, and neither was Netherlands for that matter.

Andre said...

Because I'm a day behind. The playr of the day is always posted the day after. I'll write about France and Romania today.