Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 4: Player of the Day

I'd venture to guess that yesterday's player of the day may be the easiest decision for the entire tournament. I was pulling for a breakthrough game for Cesc Fabregas, & his assist & diving header goal in the last 20 minutes would normally be enough, but the assist was to someone who already had 2 earlier goals, making him the 1st to get a hat-trick in the European Championships since Kluivert did it in 2000. That's right folks, your Visions of Ypsi Euro 08 player of the day is David Villa. Rumor has it that he's on his way to Arsenal this summer, & if that really happens, I'll certainly be a happy man.


jason said...

David Villa! That's the guy I was trying to think of the other day when I was saying Spain had another guy that was really good.

Daye said...

Matthew does NOT want him to go to Arsenal--