Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Your ass is grass (Player of the Day)

For Father's Day, after an awesome brunch @ the Dearborn Inn, my dad took me to Sears to get a new lawn mower. I tried to convince him that the 80$ push mower would be fine, but he was having none of it as he had his mind set on a full on bad ass mower. Having used a little rusty old push mower for the last 6 years, I didn't think a big gas mower was necessary, but I used it yesterday for the 1st time & it cut down an hour a day job into a 1/2 hour every week job... & my kids will be able to use it so in actuality it cut down an hour a day job into a no time @ all job.Speaking of lawn mowers, I'm afraid France will be treated like the grass to Romania's proverbial lawn mower today, & the ironic thing is that they aren't even playing each other. If the Netherlands play their 2nd string today since they've already guaranteed 1st place in Group C, Romania could win which would put them through to the 1/4 finals eliminating both Les Bleu & the Azzurri. If the Oranje win though, & France and Italy draw, the game will go to penalties. The best case scenario is that Holland & France both win this afternoon, but France needs to change things up a bit. The old guard hasn't been able to do shit so far, so I say they go w/ the youngsters. Either way, a loss sends them home so they might as well start thinking about the 2010 World Cup. Here's how they should line up:
Sagnol - Squillaci - Gallas(c) - Evra
Ribery - Diarra - Nasri - Malouda
Gomis - Benzema
Although I think that Sagnol, Gallas & Diarra will be replace by Sagna, Faty, & Flamini this fall (& Ben Arfa will probably replace Gomis @ some point), this is the closest they can come to a really interesting, vibrant, young squad for today.

What? What's that you say? Who's the Player of the Day? This guy booked Germany's place in the 1/4 finals yesterday w/ a blistering free kick. Other than that, the games yesterday weren't that great. This means your Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day for Game Day 10 is none other than the Chelsea mid-fielder, Michael Ballack.
Happy just to be nominated


jason said...

You didn't get an electric mower? Shame on you.
I can't wait for the announcer to make the call that France has Diarrhea on the field. That guy runs all over the place and he just won't go away.

Andre said...

They didn't have any electric mowers & my dad wouldn't listen to reason. Hw had to get one right then.