Monday, September 24, 2007

American Telephone and Telegraph

I doubt this is what Alexander Graham Bell had in mind, but I'm sure he'd be happy about it. About a month ago, some dude came to my door promising faster Internet, my cable channels, & a lower price through AT&T's U-Verse program. While I'm usually skeptical about door-to-door salespeople, he sold me on it & I was scheduled to switch over on Sept. 2. I didn't want to do it immediately, because on Aug. 15, I had just paid my Comcast bill & he was on my porch on the 16th. I figured I should use the cable I had paid for already. Well, the douchebag didn't write the work order properly so when the cable dude called to say he was on his way on the 2nd, he wasn't prepared to switch my Internet. We had to reschedule for the 10th. Before I complain about the appointment on the 10th, I want to make it clear that I'm impressed by their 2 hour windows as opposed to Comcast's 6 hour appointment window, that didn't help on the 10th though as the dude went to the wrong house. By the time I got in touch w/ him, it was too late & we had to reschedule again. He said he could come back on Sunday the 23rd between 8:00 &10:00, so yesterday when I hadn't heard anything by 8:45 I was getting skeptical. I got a call at 9:00 though & he was at my house by 9:30. I imagine most people would have backed out by this point, but for more channels @ a lower price I stuck w/ them. This was their last chance though. He was able to do most of the work while I was watching the Man U v Chelsea game, but as he switched my TV over, I missed Saha's penalty. When I turned it back on, Man U was up 2-0. It was worth missing the goal though, because I'm lovin' the new cable. Particularly, I'm lovin' BBC America, VH1 Classic, The National Geographic Channel, & Boomerang. For those of you who don't know, Boomerang is owned by Cartoon Network & shows old cartoons like Super Friends & Inch High Private Eye! Missing part of the game leads me into why I scheduled it when I did though.I scheduled it for Sunday rather than Saturday for 2 reasons. First of all, my kids had their 1st game on Saturday, & I wanted to make sure there was no overlapping. They won 8-6 by the way which marked Solstice's first win ever. A couple of the kids on the team are dynamite, but Aiden needs a little more tenacity & Solstice was tired after a sleepover the night before. By the end she picked up her pace and seemed to really be enjoying herself. Afterwards, Aiden was dehydrated & ended up puking on the way home. I happened to have a cup in the car into which he hurled, but then as I opened the door to help him out, he poured it all on my feet. Typical. The other reason I wanted it on Sunday was because the Arsenal v Derby game was on Saturday morning & I certainly didn't want to miss any of that 5-0 thumping. You may be wondering how I knew the Saturday game would be better than the Man U v Chelsea game. The answer to that obvious question is equally obvious: Man U v Chelsea games always suck. Of course, this time there was the added excitement of Chelsea's coach having just "quit." As it turns out, that didn't make the game any more interesting though.

After the cable guy left, we went to my game where I should have scored 3 goals but actually scored 0 goals. My 1st short was like Fabregas' goal in the clip above, but it went just wide. My 2nd opportunity was like Adebayor's 1st goal except a defender got his foot on the ball. My 3rd chance came in the last minute when we were tied 2-2. I found some space about 15 yards out just like Diaby's goal above, but the goalie made a great save. Oddly, he wasn't really a goalie & no one (even the people on his team) thought he would save it. It was a fun game over all though, & since the other team had to use some of our people because they were short-handed, we technically won even though it ended 2-2.


Ypsipearl said...

You're such a guy. Did you crunch beer cans with your bare hands this weekend, too?

I have to say that Aiden was playing very thoughtfully. I was impressed. He wasn't just whacking at the ball, he was looking around and planning his next move. He'll get faster at it.

Andre said...

The number of beer cans I crushed equals the number of goals I scored.

Delicate said...

We're getting at&t cable tomorrow. I hope it's as good as you say or I'll have to crush a beer can on your head. Not really.
I'm bummed we missed the sign up for soccer. blah.


Dan said...

You are surely making your father proud with your love of television and soccer. Glad to hear the team is fairing well without my sweet skilz!

Finally: your kids puke way more than bulimics. (Cheap plug see

Andre said...

Yeah, I added a link to your site on the side bar.