Wednesday, September 26, 2007

AIDS in Africa

Obviously, we all know this is a serious problem and by blogging about it, I'm doing my level best to fight it, but this Catholic Arch-Bishop from Mozambique just might be doing more harm than good. Check out this BBC article and his claims that European condom manufacturers are infecting the condoms in order to destroy all Africans w/in the next 100 years. I was alright w/ the claim that AIDS was developed by the CIA for the purpose that Archbishop Francisco Chimoio (of course other information suggests his name is Francisco Silota from the city of Chimoio) is claiming. I was alright w/ Public Enemy's suggesting that the formula for AIDS was listed in a book of chemical and biological weapons in the 1950s. But condom manufacturers? Be sure to also check out the picture that the BBC included w/ the article. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it might be a little jovial concerning the nature of the article itself. I wonder what the thought process was that went into picking the photo: "Well, I can't find a picture of Chimoio/Silota (maybe they can't find a picture of him because they don't know his actual name) or anything related to Mozambique or the Catholic Church or the global war on AIDS so lets go w/ this one."
For more info on the AIDS conspiracy theories, check out this wikipedia page... wikireality at its best.


portuguesa nova said...

I am a nursing student at WCC. There is a fellah in all of my classes from, if I'm not mistaken, Nigeria. In order to take the classes we are currently taking, we have to have studied some seriously serious (well, as serious as you can get at community college, anyway) anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry.

Yesterday we were discussing the HIV virus and antibody receptors and lymphocytes and cytotoxins and other scientific mumbo-jumbo.

In the middle of all of this, he raised his hand and said, "Of course, it is also true that you can cure yourself of HIV by eliminating animal products from your diet, is it not?"

Holy God.

Ypsipearl said...

I don't know, does he really believe it or is this a cunning tact to achieve a two-fold mission--get people to stop using condoms and create a little xenophobia, which always brings people together and makes them feel warm and fuzzy and maybe a little more obedient. Who knows.

Portuguesa Nova, I'm a nursing student too, at EMU. Don't knock your program, it's not any easier just because it's a community college.

jason said...

Maybe they are getting AIDS because they are washing their used condoms and then hanging them up on a clothesline to dry. That's what I gather from that picture anyway.

Andre said...

I don't know if it's true or not, but I don't eat meat and I don't have HIV, so maybe he's on to something.