Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Info

In our double-header on Tuesday, we brought our record to 3-1. In fact it should have been 4-0 after that night, but a few errors in the in-field fucked us. The first game, however, we won 14-9 w/ my grand slam which was followed by my 2 run homer. We had a good time even w/ the loss in the 2nd game, but our 2nd base person was sent to the hospital after she tore her quad from the bone. She happens to be the same person who was knocked unconscious last week when the center fielder ran her over in a weak attempt to grab a fly-ball.

Friday Night:
My Dear Disco is playing at the Blind Pig. I've never heard of them, but they've been opening some shows for the Macpodz... apparently, & more importantly, they feature Tyler Duncan, son of my co-worker Jeff Duncan & integral member of Millish. You may recall that I wasn't too pleased w/ the Blind Pig the last time I was there, but I'll give it another go... and you should too.

Kids' Soccer:
Their first practice is this evening followed by another one next week leading up to their 1st game. They are so excited, & I am too. I love getting out there w/ them & watching them run around & learn how the game works. I was even able to get them on the same team this fall, so I only have to coach one team. Stacey's son, Luka, & a couple kids from last spring are on the team again too, so I think we'll have a great time.

Tastes of Ypsi:
The companion blog to Visions of Ypsi has been updated w/ recipes from Georgina and one I lifted off of Steve's blog after their party last week. Geo's zucchini stuff looks great. I recommend trying them. Steve's stuffed jalapenos looked fantastic too... check it out, and feel free to send in a recipe to be added.


Joe said...

Kickball? Do you play in a league or is this something your kids do?

Andre said...

I play in an adult co-ed league... because I'm a bad-ass.