Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What do these dudes have in common?

Steve Earl
Andrew Ridgeley

Roger Daltry
Will Wheaton
John Lydon
Spike Lee
The dude who plays Mr. Eko
Nick Hornby
Steve Gorman (Black Crowes Drummer)
Angus Young

They're our Visions of Ypsi Top 10 Bad Ass Celebrity Arsenal fans. I'm sure they, like me, have a bad case of Arsetimism concerning this afternoon's match... the 2nd leg of the Champion's League Semi-Final @ The Emirates vs Man U... Head on up to Conor O'Niell's @ 2:45 to check out the game!


jason said...

Andrew Ridgely and badass never go together.

Andre said...

I know. I wantedd to see who would be the 1st to point that out.

jason said...

I'm sure George Michael doesn't read your blog, so who else would it have been?

Stephanie said...

I thought Will Wheaton would get the first comment actually

Daye said...

I was going to say they are al on your blog?? not funny?
enh--I dvr-ed the game for Matty. he & Pete are gonna watch it this weekend..hint hint