Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 1 Millionth Word!

The wait is over! April 29th is upon us! It is now 12:01 AM GMT so we @ Visions of Ypsi are reading to unveil the word. It's not fantastic, but the fanfare that should go along w/ the 1 millionth word in the English language should more than make up for the seemingly uselessness word. Of course, you'll realize that it's not really useless tomorrow as you cheer for Arsenal in the Champion's League Semi-Final 1st Leg @ Old Trafford. Before wee get to the word, however, let's recap what we've done so far. Last year, The Global Language Monitor claimed that April 29th would see the creation of the 1 millionth word in English. The problematic nature of this claim is multi-faceted, but we'll ignore that for now as we look to the greater glory of English in general & Visions of Ypsi in particular. During the run-p, we coined 3 new terms: "Chimilicious," "Barack-a-lack-a-boom," & "The Westley." Now, w/o further ado, your 1 millionth word: "Arsetimistic." This is the stupid optimism one feels while knowing full-well that Arsenal won't make it past Man U in the Champions League. This is different that naive optimism because one is fully aware that the hope is useless. The game tonight (still on GMT here) will be a futile struggle as Arsenal lose 3-1. The home tie next week will probably end 1-1 sending Man U through on a 4-2 aggregate score-line. That's OK though. We'll remain Arsetimistic & assume Wenger will win the treble next year.

Here's my Arsetemistic starting line-up:
Sagna Toure Djourou Gibbs
Walcott Fabregas Nasri
van Persie Adebayor


cmadler said...

Arsetimism should be a familiar concept to Lions fans.

jason said...

I actually think Arsenal has a chance. They've been playing well and Man U hasn't been dominating. If they lose by more than a goal today they're done though.

Andre said...

1 nil... it could have been worse. I can't believe it was O'Shea who got the goal though. He's shit.

Almunia had a huge game. it could have been 3 or 4 nil.

jason said...

It's not like there was great skill involved in that goal. I could have scored that goal. Almunia was pretty awesome. Looks like we're in store for a couple of great games next week. I'll even root for your lads if Chelsea wins.