Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot Tamales

After talking about an impending trip down to Mexican Town yesterday for a a while @ the Plum Market, I was inspired to pick up a package of corn husks & give the tamales a try. I'd never made them before; in fact, I can't recall when I ever had them @ all. They always seemed like such a good idea, but finding veggie ones is difficult. Well, we had 2 half full containers of corn meal in the cupboard & a bunch of beans & rice so I went for it this afternoon. The process took longer than I expected, but they turned out pretty well. Ahead of time, I didn't even know they needed to be steamed; I figured they get baked or something. Not having the proper huge-ass steamer on hand, I went w/ the soup pot & colander technique which worked well. Since the recipe called for Masa (& I only had regular corn meal... I don't know the difference, but I'm sure there is one) I cut back on the corn meal & added a little flour & baking powder just in case (in case of what??? I have no idea}. I filled them w/ beans, & I pt jalapeno slices in some. Then, according to a recipe I found on-line, I learned that 1 region of Mexico uses pineapple so I put some in a couple to see how it work... damn good! I hadn't experimented in the kitchen in ages, but this was a positive experience. If they weren't such a pain, I'd make them all the time.


cmadler said...

Have you had Pilar's tamales? Sylvia (owner/cook) makes some excellent black bean & cheese tamales. I don't know what the ingredients are, and obviously with cheese they aren't vegan, but they are very good. The tamale cart is at the downtown (Ypsi) farmers' market every Tuesday afternoon.

http://www.pilarscatering.com/cart.html (website is a bit out of date)

Andre said...

I assumed they had meat in them so I never tried them. I'll give 'em a whirl next time I'm at the farmers' Market.

Daye said...

the BB&cheese are my fave!!! (and the hibiscus tea)

I am impressed with your efforts my friend!

Kelly said...

you should try the tamales at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday! The jalapeno and cheese is AMAZING. they put salsa on top and give you a little cabbage salad thing to go with it. $4.