Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost: Season 6

The biggest surprise I experienced last night while watching the Season 5 finale was that Season 6 will be the last. For some reason, I was under the impression that there were 2 more seasons. That said, Season 6 has a lot of 'splaining to do.
* What's Jacob's story?
* WTF is the smoke monster?
* How did Richard get there?
* How did the statue get destroyed?
* What's w/ the Shadow people?
* WTF John Locke II?
* What's Christian's Story?
* How did Helen die?
* Why was Libby in the hospital w/ Hurley?
* What's up w/ the Black Rock?
* Where is Claire?
* Will Kate be able to reunite Claire w/ Aaron?
* Who made the Temple?
* What's w/ the huge electro-magnetic energy pocket?
* What happened when Ben was taken to the Temple?
* Do Desmond & Penny return?
* What about Walt?
* What did Faraday do during those 3 years in A2?
** Will it be filmed in A2?
*** If so, how many of us get to be extras? I mean, I'd wear a Jump Suit & grow 70s hair for that.
*** If so, will the apartment building by the Maynard St. parking Garage really be used as the Dharma headquarters?
* Were Rose & Bernard the only survivors of the flaming arrows or are there other Red-Shirts around?
* Why did Bernard suddenly look more like Tim Conway than Sam Anderson?
* How many douchebags posting theories on Lostpedia will actually acknowledge that they're wrong about stuff?
* Will there ever be another TV show for me to obsess over like this one? I mean, come on, it took me 6 years to move on after Seinfeld went off the air. If that's any indication, I won't find another show until 2016. Sure, there are shows I like, The Office, My Name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, & even The Unusuals is looking pretty cool, but not obsessive cool... not yet.

This list doesn't even begin to tackle any of the questions raised last night which will obviously have to be answered. It seems hard to believe they'll get all of this in in 16 episodes. Assuming 1/4 will be spent clearing up what happened last night, that leaves 12 episodes to deal w/ these issues. Of course, some can be dealt w/ @ the same time, while others might be answered while dealing w/ last night's questions, it still seems like they'll have to really cram stuff in since they can't just answer questions; they need to drive the plot by raising more concerns which will in turn need to be addressed.
Dharma Headquarters in A2


Stephanie said...

*what is Cindy's story?
*does the note Claire puts on the birds leg ever come back into the story?
*How did Locke's dad get on the island?

Stephanie said...

*today's question: does Ben losing his mom during her/his birth have anything at all to do with the island women dying during childbirth?