Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post Wedding Stuff: The Honeymoon Week

After we got re-married last week, we decided to celebrate by making the last 7 days a sort of de facto honeymoon. Obviously, we didn't go anywhere, but we did enjoy a nice lunch @ Seva after wee filed the marriage certificate @ the County Building. We hadn't eaten there in ages, but it's awesome & the Dewapps & the Krausemakers gave us a gift cert as a wedding present so we took full advantage of it... Thank you very much Steve & Annette & Jim & Rachel. We also racked up a trip to Izakaya Sanpei last week in celebration of Aiden's b-day. If you haven't been there... go. It's a fantastic Japanese place on the corner of Joy & Morton Taylor. The following night, again more for Aiden's b-day than for our honeymoon, we went out for pizza after the kids' soccer practice. Saturday, following their match which they again won (they're 4-0), they went to my parents' place for the night so we were able to finish our awesome honeymoon w/ an 9 episode Lost marathon (S3, Ep6-14). We also ordered awesome Chinese food from Chia Shang... the greatest Chinese place of all time... it's next to Morgan & York... eat some!*

Today, we had 2 final post-wedding things to accomplish: insurance & her SSN. Oddly, we had nearly opposite experiences. We tried to do the SSN after Seva last week, but it just so happens that the SS office in Washtenaw moved a couple years ago so we had to put it off until today. I waited in the car w/ Isaiah while she went in only to learn that she needed all sorts of other paperwork to change her name even though her name change had nothing to do w/ the paperwork for which they were asking... apparently it was some Homeland Security issue... George Bush policy changes: the gift that keeps on giving. She'll need to go back yet again to finish her simple little task. The woman was really nice though so Stephanie didn't feel she could get too upset @ her which seems about right.

My happy little trip to HR was a different matter though. I showed up w/ everything filled in except for my SSN, my signature, & the date. The woman quickly entered everything & then set the form down saying I needed to fill in the last couple things. I took the paper & a pen to a table, did what needed to be done, & then gave them back to her... to which she responded, "I WOULD HAVE PREFERRED IF YOU'D ASKED TO BORROW MY PEN RATHER THAN JUST TAKING IT!" I was stunned. The form & the pen were set down side by side & it was the only pen I saw. Common sense suggested that I was to use it. I apologized & left. At that point, I reconsidered my apology. Why was I sorry? I'd done nothing wrong. Rather than be the doormat for some jerk in the HR office, I turned around. (Stephanie's issue was w/ protocol but a nice person; mine was w/ a rather angry person but the protocol was simple.) I went back into her office & said, "excuse me, you didn't need to take that tone; I WOULD HAVE PREFERRED IT IF YOU'D ACTUALLY OFFERED ME A PEN!" I don't know why such a simple thing needed to turn into a yelling match. As it turns out, I think I would prefer my situation over Stephanie's though. She was mean, but things got done. Stephanie has the inconvenience of having to go back yet again... & I certainly wouldn't trade places w/ her just so I could deal w/ a nice person.

*Footnote: After all that food, I need to get back to dieting & I decided to overhaul Tastes of Ypsi in order to do this. It will now be a food log (dlog??) since it hadn't been used in so long anyway & since I feel that if I actually publish everything I eat every day, I'll be less inclined to eat crappy food. I don't know how long I'll keep it up, but it seems like a good starting point.


Happy Housewife said...

(applause!) Thank you for making the nasty lady feel dumb! Thank you from all of us without the balls to have done it!

Stephanie said...

I'm very interested to see how the food log blog goes, interesting idea... I don't think I'd be brave enough to be honest on a food blog:)

Dawn said...

Congrats on your fun honeymoon week! I'm glad we got to stop by the reception even if it was rather late.