Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Penultimate Soccer 08/09 Post

As I'm sitting here watching Victory w/ Isaiah (it's his 1st ever viewing & he's loving the German guard dogs)(you can read previous Victory posts here & here, I need to reflect on the Premier League since there is only 1 match left & Man U clinched the title last week. I'll post again after the Champion's League & FA Cup Finals next week... don't worry. Until then, though, I'll leave you w/ 2 basic points.

1) Man U as champions:
It must be said that they are a great team, but they're a bunch of diving whiners. It may be sour grapes, but people like Ronaldo & Evra, going to ground every chance they get, drive me crazy. They clenched the title last Saturday w/ a nil-nil draw @ home to Arsenal. They only needed 1 point out of their last 2 matches so it seemed a done deal, but they way they got it was disgusting. They refused to play the beautiful football they're known for; relying instead on crying to the ref & pretending to get tripped. Again w/ the sour grapes: I think I'd rather play pretty soccer that win the trophies. I guess that's easy for me to say though since the Green Team has been doing both lately. We're 4-0 @ the moment & have been dominating. Check out the stats. The major change to announce is that we're no longer Forest Green. We've taken the field this season w/ new Kelly Green shirts... but w/ the same old style & grace people have come to expect from the Canton Soccer Club Over 30 Rec Champions.

2) Arsenal in 4th Place:
Reflecting on the season & looking ahead to the summer transfer window, it's clear that some changes are in order. Arsene Wenger has already announced his plans to buy a couple established players which will be a nice change after years of bringing in mainly young unknowns (other than Nasri, Arshavin, Gallas, Silvestre, Eduardo, & Rosicky... ok, maybe the reputation for only buying young unknowns is a bit unfair). Anyway, here are my recommendations for the summer... since I'm sure the Arsenal Board of Directors are looking to this blog for their new changes.
In: Yaya Toure or a different defensive midfielder
In: A strong finisher to replace 1 or 2 strikers who will be leaving
In: An experienced central defender

Out: Bendtner... he is shit
Out: Eboue... he is shit & dives all the time (Maybe Man U for him)
Out on loan: Diaby & Denielson... they may get better, but for now Song & a new defensive Midfielder will be better.

I also think Adebayor, Walcott, Fabregas, & RVP may be leaving. I doubt RVP, Adebayor, & Bendtner will all leave, but 1 or 2 are definitely out... hopefully Bendtner & RVP, but it sounds like Adebayor is more likely than RVP to go. Arshvin will be fine (maybe even better than Fabregas in the center). Strikers will be replaced, but if Walcott leaves, Arsenal will also need to buy a right winger... Maybe Ribery??? I imagine Gallas &/or Silvestre will go this summer too which is why a new central defender is needed.

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