Thursday, May 7, 2009


Samson: After lying twice to Delilah about from whence his power has come, he inexplicably decides to tell the truth which allows The Philistines to cut his 7 locks. (Why 7? because it's a HUGE number... obviously.) Once it grows back, he exacts some sort of Old Testament vengeance. The best part of a mediocre Biblical story. It's not bad, but it's certainly not the best (I dig Noah getting raped by his son Ham while passed out i his tent after the flood), but it's a great song.

Medusa: Not technically a haircut, but due to her beauty (& the jealousy of Athena) her hair was turned into serpents. Her story has always been one of my favorites from Greek Myth.

The Grandchildren of Queen Clotild: When her sons became jealous of their nephews' power, they gave the queen an ultimatum: the boys would either suffer death... or haircuts. Of course, to save them the shame & dishonor of a bad haircut, she chose death.

Jim Morrison: In the Oliver Stone movie, while backstage @ Ed Sullivan, a make-up guy is screwing w/ Jim's hair & he suggests that some of his biggest mistakes have been haircuts. He proceeds to bar the make-up guy from messing w/ his hair & performs "Light My Fire" w/ his longish locks. I highly doubt this is historically accurate, but I'm a sucker for that film... if it's on, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm on my couch getting sucked in.

Caroline Mulford: Played by Haviland Morris, she got her hair stuck in a door in Jake Ryan's house & subsequently had to have it cut out. This is symbolic of a shift in her character; as she loses her hair, she sheds her connection to shallow high-school popularity which then allows her to hook up w/ Ted.

Travis Bickle: Played by Bob de Niro, he shaves a Mohawk prior to his assassination attempt. I never really understood why the Mohawk needed to be associated w/ the crazy, but it was & maybe has been ever since. Don't worry, I'm not going Bickle-crazy on any local politicians any time soon.

Uncle Jesse: Nope, not the old codger in the Dukes, but rather the hottie in Full House. He let 1 of his nieces @ his beautiful mullet w/ a pair of scissors... bad move Uncle Jesse! Bad move indeed.

Golden Balls: I 1st saw his Mohawk during the 2002 World Cup in Japan/S Korea. He & Michael Owen decided to sport the red-hawk in honor of the 3 Lion's red jerseys. However, if you follow that link, you'll get a nice overview of the many different styles he's sported over the years.

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Great post.

Stephanie says it's less -- according to Holly, "erectile disfunction of the mohawk", ouch! --- after a little trim and gel.

Give us an update pic.