Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Because you've been dying for this

Here are the links to the Gunner's 50 Greatest Goals" that you've been craving. Maybe they can remind us that Arsenal might be able to actually win something some time in the next few years.
* Video 1
* Video 2
* Video 3
* Video 4

Oh, & while we're thinking about the Great Gunners, here's a little pictre of one of the greatest: Nicholas Bendtner. He's by far the worst striker any of the top teams have had in quite a while. In fact, I'm not certain he belongs in the league @ all. Rumors have been circulating that he'll be sold to West Ham... & if that's the case, great... they can have that putz. Here he is coming ouut of a club the other night after they got their shit handed to them by Man U. Why are his papnts falling down? No one knows.

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