Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bruce Wayne v Clark Kent

You may recall the discussion of "Animated Hotties" a few months ago, but last night, on my way to work, I heard a story on All Things Considered that made me think of Batman and Superman. I honestly don't remember what the story was about or why it made me think about these characters, but regardless, my immediate thought was "that's bloggable!" In the Seinfeld episode, "The Stock Tip," Jerry suggests that Superman might have "super humor," that is, an advanced sense of silliness based on the reaction he has to the yellow sun of Earth. As a comedian, his reasons for being concerned w/ this aspect of Superman's super-powers are clear. But what about his IQ in general? A sense of humor is, in name anyway, a sense, & it seems that his senses are affected by the Sun. Intelligence isn't really a sense so much as a something else... I don't know what, but it's something else. He certainly seems to have great "common sense" as Clark is constantly trying to pretend he doesn't have it. How smart must he be? And is he smarter than Bruce Wayne? My 1st thought was that Bruce is smarter; he's a detective who relies upon research & the scientific method to solve crimes; Clark uses his brute strength to subdue criminals. I'm not as certain anymore though. If Clark has "super-intelligence," the case is closed, but if not, it's down to the evidence we get throughout the books, films, TV shows & radio dramas. Of course, if Clark were smarter, he'd have given up on Lois long ago... unless his interest in her is a cover just like everything else about his persona. Maybe he really wants Jimmy. Anyway, I'm certain they're both relatively smart, but we seem to get more specific evidence about Bruce's intelligence than we do concerning Clark. He apparently has a degree in Journalism which got him a top job @ the Daily Planet which seems to be the Metropolitan equivalent of the New York Daily News, always in the shadow of a bigger paper, but big none-the-less. My gut is saying Bruce is smarter, who do you, dear reader, think has the true super IQ?
I doubt Bruce ever got to meet JFK
When Commissioner Gordon tells Bruce & Dick to come... they come!


Daye said...

Well--hmmm.okay what factors are we considering?

~deception/disguise quality?
~income (is that REALLY a factor of intelligence? pros & cons here)

we need more to go on

Joe said...

C'mon! It isn't even close. Bruce Wayne is way more of a badass than Clark Kent. Thats like asking who is more of a badass? Duerr or Taylor. Obviously, Taylor is way more of a badass.

duerr said...

At least I have the superpower of Duerr-jitsu. What do you have Taylor?