Monday, September 1, 2008

Wrap Up & Tape Up

The Big Ass Summer Party went well Saturday night. Live music under the stars by Jim, Warren & Gerry while we enjoyed a fire & the fancy party lights. Everyone seemed to have a good time (& I beat Jean @ horse shoes... always a good day when I beat Jean @ something). We even classed things up a bit w/ the inclusion of caviar & escargots. Although the snails were only enjoyed by myself & a few kids... most people were afraid to try them. I've been loving them since I 1st tried them in middle school though. What could be better than a small, tasteless ball of muscle drenched in butter & garlic. I know they aren't vegetarian, but they're not much different than bugs & I kill those all the time. I suppose it's time to remind y'all what Ben Franklin said when he briefly gave up vegetarianism, "So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do." The caviar was pretty nasty though. It tasted like how a bait shop smells. As far as the turn out went, it was no Burns' Night blow out, but a smaller crowd was nice (& calm for a change). Work people, soccer people, neighborhood people & old friends. Geo even skipped the Jazz fest. I was going to list the names of people who RSVPed that they were coming but didn't show up, but they know who they are & the shame they must feel is greater than any shame a mention here could ever cause.In other news, Jim informed me that he may miss a few games this fall because he hurt/possible broke a toe while falling off of his kid's scooter. I told him to man up & quit being a douchebag so Karma got me yesterday while I was playing soccer in the yard w/ Jean, Aiden & Dan. I stubbed my toes into the ground & may have broken my 2nd Metatarsal. I can bend it & it's not swollen, so I'm not sure what the situation is, but if I'm able to play on Saturday, I think it will require a bunch of tape, but then again, I still have to tape up my thumb so what's 1 more appendage?


Anonymous said...

Hey Andre--found your blog via Geo's. You've validated my existence saying that you also call people by their first names on blogs. Thank you.
(Ok my existence isn't that pathetic, but still)

Dawn said...

oops - I think I'm one of those mentioned who RSVP'd (try explaining this verb to newly arrived foreign exchange students as I had to last week) and was a no-show. In all honesty,Zander and I went to the water-park with my mom and I completely forgot about your party! Sorry!!! Hope it was fun anyway. hehe. I've been sort of wondering if you guys are mad at me or something anyway - haven't heard from you in awhile. If you hate me for some unknown reason, can you at least let me know why? thanks!

Warren said...

It was the funnest gig I played all month.