Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Camping (Sorta)

So w/ moving & the baby & everything we never had a chance to take a vacation this summer. The kids weren't too pleased by this (& really, we weren't either). To remedy this problem, we set up the tents in the backyard after the Arsenal match Saturday afternoon & had a fun little campout. We had a fire & cooked Smart Dogs on sticks. We had s'mores & peanuts before we finally went to sleep around 10:30. The kids had a blast, but I learned an important lesson... camping is a great way to spend the evening when one is far from home & vacationing on the cheap, but it isn't nearly as cool when one can see his or her bedroom from the tent. It was fun though, & the tent is still up so maybe we'll do it again this weekend after we check out Elizabeth & Dan's new house.

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Joe said...

Andre, I feel as though I share a brain with you on this! I have done the same con mi familia! Camping in the backyard is the shit! Cost is low and its different! Bravo!~