Saturday, September 13, 2008

3 Mavericks

The word "maverick" has been thrown around so often lately in reference to the GOP's rather unmaverick like maverick, John McCain, people are actually starting to believe it. If voting w/ GWB 90% of the time is a mavericky thing to do, I suppose that makes GWB a maverick too so if being a maverick means towing the standard GOP party line, I guess he's done a good job of that, but to vote for him because he claims he's gonna shake things up is ridiculous. Yet, I'm getting more & more afraid his "maverick" claims will work making him the next President & Palin the next VP. I also don't think the Obama attacks on Palin's ignorance of the Bush Doctrine will work as most people say things like "I don't don't know what that is either so she's just like me." I, for one, don't actually want a President (or VP) "just like me." I want my leaders to be smarter & better versed in the issues... JFK won a Pulitzer, Carter has written more books than Toni Morrison, Clinton was a Rhodes' Scholar... W is the guy we want to drink a beer w/ & McCain is the guy to go bowling w/... Absurd! After 8 years of this, an intellectual in the oval office would be a nice change of pace. Speaking of Palins, check out the Michael Palin for President site!

I didn't actually log in to talk about the presidential race though. I've been DVRing old Maverick episodes on Encore Western. What an awesome show! It has everything my love for Rockford has but 15 years earlier, w/ 19th century gamblers & in B/W. If you've never seen the show, you should definitely check it out. The writing is fantastic, the sarcasm is great, & the plots are just plain weird.

I didn't actually log in to talk about that either though. What I really want to discuss is Pete Michell, Top Gun's Maverick. We watched the end of the film the other night, & while his ability to go supersonic & be there in 30 seconds is pretty sweet, I noticed something I've never thought about before. It's possible this issue goes back to the basic claims of homoeroticism in the film, but I think it's quite possible that Maverick is simply an ass-hat. Goose's death isn't directly related to Mav's hot-shot flying, but it's claimed over & over again that everything he does in the air is in relation to the chip on his shoulder so @ least indirectly Maverick is responsible for Goose's death. That said, @ some point, he's going to have to talk to Goose's wife & kid about everything, & the conversation will go like this.
Mav: Because I'm a hotshot & left my wing man in order to win a stupid contest & prove a point, your father is dead.
Goose's kid: Could you have avoided this & spared my father's life?
Mav: Of course.
GK: Maybe the Lord will be able to forgive you, but I never will (this is the same thing Tom Cruise's character is told in Born on the Fourth of July when he has to explain how he is responsible for an American death.)
Mav: I'm really, really, really sorry... w/ sugar on top.
GK: Were they able to recover his dog tags?
Mav: Yep, I held his body in the water until the rescue helicopter got there.
GK: Could you give them to me so I have something to remember my father who died in the service to our fair country?
Mav: Nah, I took it upon myself to throw them into the Indian Ocean. I'm sure the Defense Department will be happy to make you a replica set though. They're pretty cheap & easy to make.

We're going to skip the obligatory "thumbs up" soccer reference & go w/
the more obvious though less common "just prior ot anal insertion" reference


Stephanie said...

Ahh, yep, I remember the Top Gun conversation now...

Joe said...

Did you know the planned Top Gun sequal has Maverick training a new hotshot female pilot at the Top Gun school.

I like that Tom Cruise is pulling a Stallone. His career is in the shitter so he's going back to what made him famous.

Andre said...

I didn't know that. Tahat's fantastic.

Very Karate Kid of him.