Friday, May 2, 2008

Gear and Links

Not to bore you w/ a soccer post, but the other day @ a little neighbor hood kick-around I broke my glasses. I showed up and then realized I'd forgotten my sweet sweet soccer goggles. I said to myself "I'll just take it easy & this should be fine." W/in 5 minutes, I went up for a header & saw my former glasses explode in 4 different directions. I have an appointment for next week, so be sure to stay tuned & find out about the new pair... you can count on me to report back as soon as I get them, & if you're lucky, there will be some crazy optometry hijinks to boot. Until then, @ least you can enjoy this fantastic shot of the now defunct official eye wear of Visions of Ypsi.In other gear news, I the George Bush treated me to a new printer & as my 1st order of business, I've started making t-shirts. I have 2 shirts but 4 images so I might need a little help here. Of the 2, 1 will be an Arsenal shirt featuring Arsene Wenger & the other will feature 1 of these 2 images: here and here. I know they're both rather nerdy, but I'd appreciate it if you could look beyond the nerd-factor & cast a vote for the image that should adorn the shirt. W/ this in mind, I'd also like to announce the beginning of the new Visions of Ypsi t-shirt line: for 15$ you get a t-shirt (L, XL, XXL) w/ a picture of Tub Girl & the Visions of Ypsi URL. If sales go as expected, I'd be happy to introduce shirts w/ other images too. Come to think of it, the sales of the bumper stickers never really took off (go figure), so this could really open things up to a whole new market. BTW, here's the Arsene Wenger shirt I'm making (I don't know what's happening w/ his thumb, but it can't be good):
Trust Arsene
Speaking of opening things up to a whole new market, here's the first of a few links I have for y'all today: If you like cereal in a way completely different from how I like cereal, than you might just like this. Then, of course, in other body image news... or for those of you interested in Children's Literature, there's this, My Beautiful Mommy. It's a children's book about how to explain your new boob job or your tighter ass or your fuller, cock-sucking lips to your kids. Dr. Michael Alexander Salzhauer is quite the author... I smell a Newbery! Finally, in an attempt to come full circle, check out this Darth Vader hot air balloon. The link is about a year old, but posting it while I'm considering a Darth Vader shirt seems mildly apropos. Last, but not least, when I got the new printer, I also scored a couple new hats that will join the Moonlight BBQ hat in helping get me through the awkward, growing out phase of my hair. (It's definitely past the product stage now.) You're going to have to settle for a phone-cam pic though because suddenly my camera isn't working. If I can't get it working, George Bush may be treating me to a camera too.


ypsipearl said...

I vote for the Ming shirt. I just think it's cooler.

jason said...

Why can't you make both T-shirts?
You better watch out though, someone might slap you with a copyright infringement lawsuit. If you can get sued for downloading a Metallica song for your own use, then you can surely get sued for advertising and selling T-shirts using someone else's designs. I'd especially be weary of George Lucas coming after you for using Darth Vader without giving him half the proceeds. Sweet Tigers hat by the way. I don't think I've ever seen you wear a baseball hat, except when trying to be a wigger and posing with a Pistons jersey on.

Andre said...

What do you mean "trying"?

As far as the copyright issue is concerned, I'll cross that bridge when someone actually wants a shirt which will only happen in a galaxy far, far away.

I wonder if Tub Girl will sue too.

stephanie said...

Don't worry Jason, I've kept all the suntain lotion bottles away from him, so it's a wigger-less look with the new hat.

Isn't the "karate kid phase" a better description of the hair right now? ;)

peltierinator said...

I like the Ming shirt and I'll take a trust Arsene shirt. Why should we trust him? All he's ever done is finish 3 or 4 and let the best striker in the world go to Barca.

Andre said...


He's won the league and the FA Cup multiple times and is in a rebuilding phase now. As for Henry, he was past his prime (although there is a lot of talk of him coming back).