Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bumper Stickers (part duex)

After complaining about the stickers I've been seeing around town, I realized this is a great opportunity for me to make a little extra cash in order to maintain this blog. While watching The Rockford Files last night (a great episode featuring 2 of my favorite bald African American entertainers: Louis Gossett Jr. & Isacc Hayes), I designed a few stickers of my own. Feel free to e-mail me w/ your orders. To start, we'll have to charge 8 bucks a sticker, but if demand is as high as the Internet buzz leads one to believe, we might be able to lower the price once I can start shipping in bulk. Furthermore, the option to get these slogans on a t-shirt is always a possibility. Let me know when you decide which shirt you want. They will be on white (w/ red ribbing around the cuffs and collar) & are available in L, XL, & XXL for $20 ($24 for the XXL).
The original sticker

Don't Be a Douche, Go To

Inspired by the stupid Jane Austen sticker... I'd Rather be Reading

Help spread the word about the important January election (the URL is in small print at the bottom)

A little something for the Dead Heads

A little something for the Arsenal fans

All proceeds from this one will be donated to the 2008 Dennis Kucinich campaign


Daye said...

I can hear your voice when I read "don't be a douche".

Stacey said...

But shouldn't it be "doucheBAG?"

mcqueen said...

You got cool ideas there.. I'm sure they'd make it in the front bumpers .