Sunday, May 18, 2008

Indiana Jones Post #1: A Very Indy B-Day

Along w/ the other new links on the side-bar, you may have noticed the counter to the new Indiana Jones movie. Tis marks the 1st of what will obviously be a slew of Indiana Jones posts this summer. Aiden had his b-day party yesterday after their soccer game & a great time was had by all. Before the kids showed up, Elizabeth called from Japan. It was only the third time I've talked w/ her since they moved... so that was pretty awesome. She chatted w/ the Solstice & Aiden for a while & then the kids started showing up. Stephanie made a sweet sweet Indiana Jones Snake Cake (not a cake out of snakes, but a cake with a snake pit in the middle into which Indy & Sulla had to avoid falling. In keeping w/ the Indiana Jones theme, he got tons of cool Indy toys (I may even finish playing w/ them some time while he is still a child). We put together his multitude of Indy Lego sets yesterday evening while watching The Parent Trap (the Hayley Mills version from 1961 not the 1998 version w/ Lindsey Lohan... only the original... only the best). Speaking of Indy, if you're as excited as certain members of my household about the impending release of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, I have a few links for you to check out: McSweeneys Indiana Jones Tenure Rejection Letter
Indiana Jones Lego Movie
The Mystery of The Crystal Skulls
Trailer for The Kingdon of the Crystal Skulls
After The Parent Trap, we'd planned to watch Planet of the Apes (again, not that shit-ass remake, the shit-ass original), but my DVR wasn't working properly which meant I couldn't get the audio to work so we settles on Soylent Green, a different, equally problematic Charlton Heston sci/fi film. I hadn't seen it in about 15 years, The last time I watched it was w/ Stephanie's dad when we 1st started dating which is ironic because the last time I saw The Parent Trap was w/ him about the same time. SG is a much better film than I remembered it being.... and of course, it's people. Speaking of people, w/o further ado, here are photos of people from the party yesterday:


dan said...

Oh how I miss the pinata! Sweet hat the young lad is sporting.

Elizabeth said...

More Parent Trap and less Soylent Green. That movie is tres disturbing.