Monday, August 31, 2009

High Speed Chase in Ypsi

Last night around 10:30, we had just finished watching Tropic Thunder (which was funny, but not as Earth shattering as I'd been lead to believe) & switched on Man v Wild when we started to hear sirens... not the hotties on some remote island, but the loudies on some gov't vehicles. I assumed we were hearing cops, fire trucks & ambulances because there were so many, but then they came roaring down the alley across the street & turned in front of our house. A few minutes later, they came down the alley again, but this time they went straight between our house & the neighbors'. The chase went on much longer than I would've expected (10 or 15 minutes), & @ 1 point, they even seemed to have lost him as he cruised down the street laid back w/ his cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth. Stephanie noticed the butt & is still laughing over the image of him smoking while being tailed through the neighborhood by 6 or 7 city cars, 3 county cars, & a rumored helicopter. In the end, the cops did their job & got him right @ the end of the alley across the street, but it was touch & go for a little while. The idea of a high-speed chase on our street is scary enough, but then the thought that he might slam into our new car which was parked in front of the house added to our heightened anxiety. There's still no word about what he did, but in keeping w/ my sworn duty as a verbal vigilante for Visions of Ypsi, I promise to post any & all info as soon as I get it.


cmadler said...

More details are here:

peltierinator said...

what kind of car did you get?

Andre said...

A claret 2002 Taurus wagon.