Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Cub Scout Outting

We just got back from the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Only 4 of the boys showed up (3 more than went to the Mudhens' game), which was nice, although 1 was his typical loud, obnoxious self. The rest were great, & Aiden seemed to love it. We saw frogs, fish, deer droppings, birds, deer tracks, flowers, & a plethora of fancy plants & trees. Of course, they were too loud for us to have seen any larger animals, but that was ok. We expected as much. The new leader seems much cooler than the 1 from last year, so if Aiden wants to stick w/ it (& it seems he does), it will probably be easier to handle this year. One of the kids kicked his shoe into the stream so his dad had to wade in after it. In hind sight, it was pretty funny, but I'm glad Aiden didn't do it.
The pond... just like a Bob Ross
The kids (+ a sibling)
Fleming Creek
Bonus Pic: The sweet Railroad construction vehicle that was in Depot Town Yesterday

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dan said...

Shouldn't them scouts be uniformed up?