Saturday, August 8, 2009

Riverside Park

Yesterday evening, we went to the Kelly Miller Circus in Riverside Park. My mom joined us & we had a great time. We met up @ Sidetrack & had a nice dinner before heading down to the river where we did our best to pretend the animals are treated well & focus on the creepy human element. It was hard to ignore the animals completely though because Isaiah had such a good time checking them out. He loved the elephants & dogs, but seemed confused about the tigers. He did seem impressed when they were hopping around like Tigger, & the little dogs were a hit too as the trainer had them jumping over things. Solstice & Aiden took an Elephant ride during the intermission. When I was a kid, my dad took me to a circus in Petoskey & I rode an elephant so I figured they should get the chance to be just like Indy & Short Round too. Solstice also dug the clowns & the dude on a motorcycle on a tight-rope w/ his wife hanging below him & spinning around... it was pretty sweet. Aiden, on the other hand, hasn't been able to pick a favorite attraction... he dug it all. I dug the trapeze artists & the half-naked chicks spinning around on ropes (add a beer & a lonely & suddenly it goes from cool acrobatics to sleazy pole dance, but it's really cool.) I was also impressed by the juggler... I'm always impressed by jugglers. Stephanie was loving the clowns as they did some 3 Stooges/Keystone Cops type fighting routines. Of course, she liked the acrobats & trapeze artists too. Here's the Ypsi Citizen Circus Article for all the info I'm not covering.
On the Elephant
Isaiah having a blast
Tony the Clown catches a potato on a fork
W/ the greatest of ease
The tightrope motorcycle family

In other Riverside Park news, the Ypsi Neighborhood Associations are hosting a picnic this afternoon w/ free food & entertainment in an attempt to get more people involved in their neighborhoods. I'm afraid the rain might keep us away though. it sounds pretty cool (1:30-4:00 in the park), but I might have to settle for the Arsenal v Valencia friendly @ 3:30. Speaking of the Beautiful Game, I started a fantasy league for the Championship (sort of like the English soccer equivalent to AAA Baseball). If you're interested in a fantasy league filled w/ players w/ whom you're not familiar, go here & then join the DB Championship w/ this code: 6829.

Here's the Ypsi Citizen article about the CoPAC Picnic.


peltierinator said...

Did I see Octopussy in the background?

General Orlov said...

I can be found at all circuses planning my nuclear assult upon you capitalist pigs.