Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Solstice is 10? Are you shitting me?

Solstice turned 10 yesterday. WTF? It's crazy how fast it goes. When I was 10 I was a shit-head... making out w/ chicks and drinking the occasional beer. I can say w/ confidence that she's not doing these things, but I'm sure they're on the horizon. Well, not the kissing girls part, but kissing boys I'm sure will come soon. So we'll let this be a warning to all the little shit-heads who think they're going to pull the same crap on her that I pulled on the girls when I was her age (& who happen to be avid readers of Visions of Ypsi): Touch her & be prepared to suffer the consequences!Her big day was fun. Family came over Sunday afternoon for cake & presents & then we had our little time yesterday morning. I made a fun breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs & brie (no one wanted the cheese but me) after which she opened her presents. In the afternoon, while I was working, Stephanie & Mary took the kids raspberry picking. They came home & proceeded to make jam (& also can some peaches which is apparently a major pain in the ass. They look great though... I'll keep you all posted on the outcome of the canning & jamming, but Stephanie's previous attempts have been fantastic so I have high hopes.

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