Wednesday, August 5, 2009

21 Days

I had my pre-adoption physical yesterday & then the officer from the courts came out to the house for the home-visit. These were the last 2 things that needed to occur before the adoption is finalized. Now we just have to endure the 3 week waiting period & then all will be done. After the court person left, I took the kids to Target to get cleaning supplies & Isaiah was freaking out about the big rubber balls in the ball cage thing so I got him 1 in a sort of celebration regarding the fact that the adoption is almost finished. We stopped @ the Rocket afterwards to pick up tix for the circus this Friday. (The Kelly Miller Circus will be back this week for 2 shows. We went last year & while the animal issues are obviously problematic, we had a great time... y'all should check it out. Here is the post from last year's extravaganza.) while we were checking out the stuff in the store, Isaiah started pointing & saying "ball." I couldn't see 1, so I walked to where he was pointing, but still no ball. The I said, "You're ball is in the car; wee left it in the car." He started nodding & pointing out the window towards the car. It was so freaking cute... & it made the fact that I'd just spent 2 bucks on yet another ball well worth it.

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