Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Posts, New Posts

Before I started blogging, I thought the whole idea was stupid as Hell. 1st of all, I never thought anyone would actually look @ it... apparently I was wrong on that count though because I'm averaging 28 hit a day. I suppose I need to thank you all for taking the time out of your otherwise useful lives & actually reading my trivial bullshit. Speaking of my trivial bullshit, I was scrolling through some old posts today looking for something I never ended up finding; I did find some pretty good forgotten stuff though, like remember the time I went to the Chick Inn? Or the time I almost got the Rutherford pool to open up for late night skinny dipping? or the time Jason made fun of me in the comments section? or the time Kate Winslet (probably while being naked) scored 100% on my little quiz? Of course, there is also this action shot of my father playing Jean's wii that I'd forgotten about. There was also that time Stacey left a funny, but somewhat snide comment. That little walk down memory lane also reminded me that I haven't posted a soccer up-date in a while... not to mention I got a request for one in my e-mail today, so keeping w/ my "give the people what they want" policy (a policy evidenced by "Tubgirl"), here you go:My indoor team still sucks balls, & I'm still leading the scoring. I have 9 goals from 6 games which is more than I've scored over the last 5 years combined. It must be my peak physical conditioning.another team that seems to be sucking balls lately is Arsenal. Since February, they went from sitting top of the table in the league & looking like likely winners of every cup they were involved in to falling the 3rd place & being knocked out of every cup competition. they lost 5-1 to Tottenham in the Carling Cup, they lost 4-0 to Man U in the FA Cup & they went out of the Champions league after a 5-3 aggregate defeat to Liverpool. Granted, i will blame the ref for the Liverpool loss & Eduardo's nasty injury for their fall down the table in the league, but 5-1 & 4-0 in domestic cups is ridiculous. Don't wory though, I still have faith in next year. As of right now though, it looks like Donnie's favorite metrosexual, Cristiano Ronaldo, pictured above in tears, will lead Man U the league championship again... and maybe some silverware in Europe as well. You may remember Ronaldo as the break out star of the 2006 World Cup. He featured prominately on the old blog that summer. Well, he's definitely emerged as the greatest player in the world right now... that fucker.


Stacey said...

When have I ever left a funny, but somewhat snide comment?

I forgot about the Rutherford Pool idea... you should try to make that happen this summer. I'm going to lay off the Chick-Inn shakes and fries for awhile, just in case.

peltierinator said...

Dad on the Wii was pretty awesome. Mom was funny as well, I think she actually won a game of tennis.