Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Time Has Come my Little Friends...

To talk of money things.

I've spent the last few years of my life scared and frustrated and I've come to the conclusion that I may need to move. I've borrowed and begged and scammed money to stay in my house a lot longer than was at all responsible. It's been a good run, but I can't fool myself any longer. I'm embarrassed and I feel kind of like a financial failure, but it is what it is. I tried to come up w/ a list of second jobs I've had over the last few years in my many failed attempts to make ends meet, but I'm certain it isn't complete:
Borders Book Seller
Clean Water Action Campuser
Loan Officer
Adjunct Faculty JCC, WCC
Photo Editor
Writing Tutor
I know there are others too, but this list also makes me think about all of the jobs that I've applied for and been turned down to my "over-qualifications." I suppose getting a smaller monthly payment will allow me to pay off some other debts, and maybe do some other things too... we'll see. I've found a relatively inexpensive 3 bedroom apartment just a few blocks East though, right by where Jean used to live, so I think I'll be able to stay in the area. I haven't said anything to my parents yet mainly because I'm pretty certain my dad is going to freak out, so keep a lid on this for a while. On a positive note, this seems like the responsible thing to do and I suppose I'll have to have one last party on Sheridan before I move on up. This decision isn't set in stone yet, and blogging about it so early in the process may not be as responsible as the decision itself, but we'll just have to see how it all goes. I had a pretty fitting picture of an overturned U-Haul to post w/ this little confessional, but the photo attacher isn't working right now which also seems kind of fitting, I suppose. Maybe in my next life I'll just get a 40$ an hour job in a factory and end up w/ a gold plated watch and my balls full of tumors, but as it stands, I'm still kind of proud of myself and my desire to keep on keeping on as a teacher. Maybe in my next life teachers will make a lot of money and this won't even be an issue... not likely though.


Jeremy said...

you are not alone in the need to move my furry friend...
me and the lady have given up on the house...renting until the band heads to Texas---hope in Michigan is fading...and the mass exodus is beginning...and I ain't gonna be the one standing pantless turning out the lights
I'll be somewhere else standing pantless
Jeremy/WM and the 78's

Happy Housewife said...

I'm proud of you.(for more reasons than just this)
It's so hard to make these tough decisions.

Andre said...

The 78s? What happened to The waycross Georgia Farmboys and Nashville's Least Wanted? You guys change your name more than I change my socks.

Tierra said...

Have you thought about having a roommate? I know we once talked about it as a possibility (no, I'm not asking to move in).

I guess that would depend on how bad you want to keep the house, and how much you really want to share space with someone else.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Wow, it sucks being a grown up sometimes, doesn't it? So sorry.

Daye said...

ahhh CRAP!

you can't refinance?

Dawn said...

Been there and lived through it, my dear. Your joining what's slowly becoming a majority here in MI...
You are not a failure anymore than I am. Chin up, It will be OK. xo

Elizabeth said...

NO. Sorry you can't.