Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For those who can't actually afford to travel

I'm loving travelogs & have been for quite some time. I've never made a secret out of my love for Rick Steves' Travels in Europe, but anything will do as long as it provides a nice look @ the real people & not just some "Rich & Famous" bullshit. Aside from Rick Steves, who as it turns out, is a really cool guy... check out his writing and work w/ NORML, homelessness, and the anti-war effort, one of the quality travel programs over the last 10 or so years has been hosted by Michael Palin. I've seen a few of his specials on PBS & I've gotten a couple from the library. He's made some interesting connections between literature and travel on the earlier specials like Around the World in 80 Days & The Hemingway Adventure, but recently he's also done cool trips through the Himalayas and the Sahara... in which he revisits the area in Tunisia where they filmed The Life of Brian. I haven't seen the Pole to Pole special yet (it's about traveling from the N. Pole to the S. Pole... as opposed to a special about traveling w/ strippers). Even though it is relatively stripper-free, it sounds pretty good. The Travel Channel has a pretty good show too hosted by Samantha Brown... she's not bad to look @ either. Her personality is sort of like a cross between Wendy & the mom on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Apparently, there's also some show featuring some woman from Petoskey. Her younger brother (Bing Brown... I never understood who the Hell would actually go by Bing?) played on my soccer team growing up, but I haven't seen this show... I've only heard about it from my father who is kind of a shady source for this sort of info. The other issue that problemitizes the situation is the fact that her last name is also Brown so when looking for travel show people, it's hard to wade through all of the Samantha Brown stuff. In other travel news, feel free to travel on over to the blog I set up for the kids' soccer team and then travel on out to a game and cheer them on.


Elizabeth said...

I too love travel programs and also maps for that matter. I think my love of maps actually surpasses the love of travel programs.

Are you coaching the same team for the kids again? Are they moving up in soccer field size yet?

Andre said...

It's basically the same team. There is one kid who has never played before and one who was on a different team last year. The second one is one of Aiden's best friends though.

stephanie said...

I was just reminded of the Ewan travel series, "Long Way Round". That was so cool, we should rent that again sometime soon.