Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Post #6: Why All the Long, Hairy Faces?

Jason posted this link to the Top 10 Star Wars tattoos and it reminded me that t'is the season for everyone's 2nd favorite made for TV holiday tradition, The Star Wars Holiday Special. I was talking about it the other day too, but I can't remember with whom that conversation took place. It may even have been yesterday at the Celebration of Student Writing. Regardless of who I was talking to, I thought I'd take this time to announce the annual viewing in case any of you would like to join me. I''l be watching the special this week-end; however, my copy is really old and grainy. If you plan to watch it w/ me & you happen to have a better version, particularly The Angry Sun Edition, I'd love it if you could bring it along.
Here is a 5 minute overview featuring any of the best moments... The songs by Jefferson Starship & Princess Leia, the grumblings of the great Art Carney, Harrison Ford taking things much too seriously, Boba Fett in a fun little cartoon, & of course Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes backing up Bea Arthur for her bizarre cantina song... oh, & a little Wookie sex. According to wikipedia, Carrie Fischer doesn't even remember being involved w/ the project. Apparently, the stories of her coke use have been greatly underestimated.
For maore info on all things Holiday Special, be sure to consult the Wookipedia
Or, if you feel you need to run through the entire script before viewing this weekend, go to

And now, I'll leave you w/ the lyrics to Leia's song... wise words from a wise woman:
We celebrate
a day of peace.
A day of harmony.
A day of joy
we can all share
together joyously.
A day that takes
us through the
A day that leads us
into might.
A day that makes
us want to celebrate
the light.
A day that brings
the promise that
one day, we'll be
free to live,
to laugh,
to dream,
to grow,
to trust,
to love,
to be.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the cap't Kirk vrs the Stormtrooper tattoo when you told me about these :)

Andre said...

I forgot about that one and I was a little offended by it. The Captain wouldn't really allow a Stormtrooper to spank him like that... he has more class that that.

Warren said...

Wise words? Nice try, but it's no "Up Where We Belong."

Andre said...

Well, Princess Leia is no Jennifer Warns.

Elizabeth said...

IS that really Carrie Fisher? Is it the original cast? What the hell is this?

Andre said...

It's certainly the original cast. Check out those links... it's crazy.

jason said...

How the hell is it possible that your sister has not heard about the Star Wars Holiday Special? That's like me having no idea what homosexuality is even though I grew up with Josh.

Elizabeth said...

I have an unbelievable ability to block out what my brothers say and do. It's a coping technique I developed growing up around so much Star Wars and Star Trek.