Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Post #15: Boxing Day & Before Boxing Day

Before we get to the meat & potatos of this post, I need to remind everyone to cast her or his vote in The Celebrity M.I.L.F. of the Year Contest. The polls will be closing @ the stroke of midnight on the cusp of 2008. There are still a few people who need to stand up & be counted. Now, w/ the businessy stuff out of the way, here's the overview of the last few days.

As the Holiday Weekend began, I took the kids to get hair cuts Friday after school. They had a 1/2 day, & my ex was around so we all went together to Eleven West on Michigan Ave. Aiden went 1st, & as he was finished I realized that his cut wasn't that great. He's only 6 though so I figured it didn't really matter, except that I knew the same person was about to do my hair. For though of you who haven't been up on this issue lately, my hair has become a point of contention between me & the universe lately. Solstice went next & then my ex. Both looked fine & not knowing how to get out of it, they took off & I got in the "hot-seat." After getting the wash, we returned to the swivel chair as she started breathing really heavily in my ear. I couldn't tell if it was an issue of allergies or if maybe she had a cold. It is also possible that she has a deviated septum, but afterwards, my ex suggested that it was because she was a bit overweight (the size of about 4 average hair stylists). Whatever the reason, it was gross. & I couldn't get out of there soon enough so when she asked how it looked, I said it was fine & got the hell out of there. In hindsight, I'm not too pleased w/ the cut, but by the time I get another one in a year or so it won't matter anyway.

On Saturday, Jean came into town, but it wasn't until Sunday that we got to hang out. I met the ex @ her church to get the kids & we then went to my parents' house. It was nice to see Jean, & the kids had a great time messing w/ him for the day. they then stayed w/ my parents for the night as Jean & I went to my house for a sweet game of Risk. I hadn't played that game since middle school, & it was great. I think I'll need to pick up my own so as to be able to play all the time... although I doubt if I'll be able to find people to play w/... Anyone up for a game?

On Monday we did family presents & then went to my Aunt's house for extended family stuff. It was nice to see those folks, & nice to have the same conversations we always have. The tradition of talking about The Rolling Stones & the time my cousin got me high for the first time was still in place. Some things never change. We got home @ about 10:45 & by the time the kids were in bed, Santa had a late, late night. He was then awakened early yesterday morning as the kids wanted to open presents. Aiden spent the morning repeating how it was the best X-Mas ever. Solstice didn't make any bold claim like that, but they both had a great time & really seemed to appreciate everything. They then went to their mom's for their X-Mas w/ her family as I went to my parents' house to watch classic Arsenal FA Cup Finals on FSC. We got to see 1971's 2-1 extra-time win over Liverpool, 1979's 3-2 classic against Man U where 3 goals were scored in the last 3 minutes, & then 1993's 1-1 draw / Sheffield Wednesday. After the 30 minutes of extra time the game had to be replayed. Why they didn't show the replay instead will never be known.
In other footy news, the Boxing Day fixtures are on right now, & I just watched a great 4-4 draw between Chelsea & Aston Villa from Stamford Bridge. Later today we'll be watching Arsenal @ Portsmouth which should be a great game but right now it's Liverpool @ Derby County which hasn't become the trouncing I expected when I picked up 2 Liverpool players for my Fantasy team this week. It's still early though so we'll see. In fact, as I'm writing this, Torres, my captain, just scored!


Ypsipearl said...

Your hair makes you look rockabilly now. That's also kind of Rosa Parks-like if you're talking about her heyday. It's a bit of a stretch but can you see it?

Elizabeth said...

What's with all the Rosa Parks references? And- that's why you didn't get in front of the web cam on Christmas. You should post a picture and make some kind of fun interactive contest with your new do.

Andre said...

Although it won't have anything to do w/ my hair, an interactive contest is actually on the way.

Rose Parks also gave the people interactive contests when they were requested. A little known fact you heard first at Visions of Ypsi.

Andre said...

Sorry about the mis-spelling... Rosa Parks... not Rose Parks.

Elizabeth said...

I thought maybe you were just so tight with her that that's what you called her.

Andre said...

Well, we're partners in the fight for social justice.