Friday, May 4, 2007

It's Official

To quote Banky Edwards, "Bring on the free hootch!" I don't know how to feel about it all other than just overwhelmed. The last 7 months haven't been hell, but they've been in the vicinity of hell, in the same way that Westland is in the vicinity of Ypsi or Compton is in he vicinity of Beverly Hills. After a half hour w/ my lawyer yesterday though, it all came to a rather abrupt end. It's strange to think that 15 years can be dissolved w/ the stroke of a pen. I met my lawyer @ his office & we walked across the street to the courthouse where we needed to get papers signed and then meet the judge. My lawyer needed a form and asked some lady @ a window who then directed him to a guy at a different window. (The forms are on the wall right next to her.) The guy then sent us back to the first window where the lady then helped us: sadly typical I suppose. From there we went to the courtroom where we waited for the judge for a few minutes & then got the "ALL RISE." I know she was just going through the motions & has to say it, but it was oddly forceful considering there were only 3 of us in the room. We then sat through some other divorce. That 1 was a tele-divorce though: interesting. The woman, the plaintiff, was sworn in over a conference call. Apparently, the guy had left & never been in contact w/ her so it was a rather simple situation. She even got her named changed over the phone. Mine, though obviously not over the phone, was equally simple. I was sworn in, w/o a Bible I might add... I didn't know they don't use them anymore, and w/in 3 minutes I was divorced. I even got in a little networking in the mean time. I told my lawyer about my job as a loan dude & that he should give my # to clients who need to re-fi. He said he definitely would & that he too needs to re-fi soon to overhaul his kitchen. Maybe we can work out a little quid pro quo arrangement. Probably not.


biscodo said...

Congratulations... (?) I don't know it there's a Hallmark card for the occasion, or whether there's an appropriate standard well-wishing statement to be made, but whatever supportive sentiment applies - that's what I mean to say.

Stacey said...

Signing off on your divorce didn't take away those 15 years, you still have them. That's paper, not power, as Maggie Eagle Bear the fictional character would say.