Sunday, February 25, 2007

To the Beer Fest and Beyond

Yesterday was great once I dropped the kids off at their mom's place. Up until then kinda sucked though. My son got a stomache bug in the middle of the night and was up puking. I felt so bad for him, but I know he was happy to be w/ his mom while he was sick. Once I dropped them off, I went to the Corner Brewery and we took the bus to Lansing. They had Corner Brewery IPA on the bus, and I had three while rolling up US 23 and I 96. When we got there, we had breakfat w/ some kids we met on the bus at a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place called Torres Taco House on Grand River. At least I think that's what it's called. I've been searching on-line for a few minuites and that's the one that seems closest to wear we were. The Huevos Rancheos are great. Then began our drinking. We had 12 tokens; each got us a 4 oz cup to sample (many place gave a lot more than 4 ozs though. We met up w/ Wendy and Pete and Georgina and Andy and had a ridiculous time. The band was pretty good too, as far as cheesey 70s rock cover bands are concerned. They played your basic assortment of Zepplin, The Who, Jethro Tull. Right at the end, while we were all pretty lit, this older, fat guy from Sarnia. He started talking to Wendy because of her Red Canada hat assuming she was from there. She told him she was from Alberta and came in just for the festival. I almost lost it then, but it only got weirder. Pete then started talking to him but introduced himself as me at which point I had to claim to be him and then introduced Wendy as my wife. Fucking w/ that dude was great. I don't know why everyone started lieing to him, but it was well worth it. We then had to get back on the bus at which point the girl who had breakfast w/ us passed out as her boyfriend proceeded to laugh at her.

Today has been nothing but shit though. My car is broken down so I can't go get my kids and S can'tt bring them back herself because of the icey roads. I think there's some ice in the fuel line or something because it's not accelorating properly. When I floor it, I can only get up to about 25 or 30 mph. It's really pissing me off. We were planning to go ice-skating today and watch the end of a mini-series we started a couple nights ago for movie night, Around the World in 80 Days w/ Pierce Brosnan as Phileas Fog and Eric Idle as Passepartout. It's a fun version: much better than the 1956 film. So good, in fact, that I almost want to read the book. Anyway, back to my complaint: she was supposed to bring the kids by when she picked up the furnature she's been planning to take, the china cabinet, the buffet, and the dresser. She've been claiming she'd be by to get this stuff for weeks and I've had it all empty waiting for her, but she keeps putting it off. I even brough her her bookshelf yesterday and brought her other bookshelf and her rocking chair downstairs today to make it easier for her. This divorce shit is getting old.

In Carling Cup news, Arsenal lost 2-1 to Chelsea. It was a great game though and the Arsenal kids almost pulled it off. Walcott scored first, a beautiful goal in the 12th minute. I think it's his first for the first team too. Drogba soon equalized though w/ an offside goal that wasn't disallowed. He scored again towards the end, and that goal was actually pretty nice. The game ended in a rather odd way though as there were given 7 minutes of extra time (due to a nasty kick to Terry's face that halted the game for quite a while) in which a bench clearing fight broke out and even the coaches were on the field. Adebayor and Toure got red cards for Arsenal as did Mikel for Chelsea. In the squabbling that surrounded it, Lampard and Fabregas both got yellows. It was weird and it was a game Arsenal would have won if not for the shady off-side goal. The game, just being the Carling Cup, wasn't on tv today, so I watched it on this sweet site I found: Live-Footy.They have free streams from all over the world. I had to watch an Eastern European broadcast though. I think it was Ukranian, but I'm not certain. It could have been Russian or maybe from the Czech Republic. Speaking of weird soccer shit, check out this footage of the best penalty kick save ever.


Stacey said...

Favorites: Arcadia's Double IPA, Kuhnhenn's Simcoe Silly, New Holland's Black Tulip, Atwater Block Brewery's Vanilla Java Porter.

Bus shuttles and handwarmers--highly recommended for Winter Beer Festival-going.

jason said...

The Vanilla Java Porter was good, eh? I'm jealous. I'll have to track some of that down next time I'm in Michigan. Your car problems probably have something to do with the cold weather, but my Blazer did the same thing you described and it ended up being a valve that was stuck open. I think it had to do with the fuel injector. You just need some ball bearings. Everything's ball bearings these days.

Temporary like Achilles said...

The Vanilla Java Porter was my favorite too. They used to make a Vanilla Porter that kinda sucked, but their reinvention was impressive as hell.