Monday, February 26, 2007

And who are you wearing?

For last night's Oscar celebration, you would have found the writer of this blog in a nice understated Liquid blue t-shirt, lavender w/ the words "Grateful Dead" written in darker purple. His ensemble was accented by a long plaid robe from Land's End and plaid pajama pants from Izod. He made quite a fashion faux pas in that the plaids were different and didn't play off one another well. I'm sure he'll be rethinking that decision today after the fashionistas attack.
As far as my response to that non-sense goes, here we go:
* Peneope Cruz needs to eat a fucking sandwhich
* Helen Mirren has fantastic tits for a 62 year old woman
* Ellen DeGeneres is as big a douchebag as anyone
* Tom Cruz is well spoken for an asshat
* Forrest Whitaker is fantastic
* Had Al Gore been willing to be funny 2 years ago, he'd be president right now
* I guess I need to see The Departed, but I've always had issues w/ Marky Mark
* George Lucas never looks comfortable in his own skin
* Coppola and Spielberg loved making fun of Lucas... that was funny
* Kate Winslet is still awesome: Nominated 5 times and she's only 31: that has to be some sort of record. Sooner or later she'll get what she deserves. She may win an Oscar some day too.
* That was the shoddiest production in Oscar history
* Will Smith's kid handled his fuck up pretty well
* The people who stand outside on the red carpet and comment on everyone's wardrobe should be rounded up and put in front of a fucking firing squad.


wendy Gouine said...

Hey fashinpants-- you forgot my boy Marty! yes indeed--that and the salmon coloured dress Paltrow wore seem to be the best bits!

Temporary like Achilles said...

I mentioned the Departed. What else must I do? Suck him off? That ain't gonna happen. I did notice how he is starting to look more and more like Larry King. That's kinda weird.

biscodo said...

Indeed, The Departed is a good flick. Like all good drama/tragedy/dramagedies, everyone dies. That's no spoiler there, especially considering it's a Scorcese movie, where generally, everyone dies (Casino, Goodfellas, etc.).

But as far at Mr. -and-the-Funky-Bunch goes, I'm as happy as the next guy to blast him for his former MC Hammer Pants 80's phunky phresh rap career, but I've gotta give him credit for one thing - the dude was buff as hell. Oddly hairless, but getting that buff had to take some work, so I'll give him credit for that.

He has done some other decent acting that I've seen and would be willing to (at risk to my ever-so-vague-reputation) recommend:
- The Corruptor (with that paragon of Chinese style and panache, Chow Yun-Fat)
- The Italian Job (nothing Oscar-worthy, but fun nevertheless, especially with Her Yumminess, Ms. Cherlize Theron)
- Three Kings (turned out pretty good, a lot better than you would expect when you see the cast includes two rappers/musicians-turned-actors.)

jason said...

You do have to see the Departed Andre. Marky and Alec Baldwin are pretty funny in it. I don't know that Marky's performance was worthy of an Oscar nomination though. I don't know about Helen Mirren's tits right now, but I saw some nudie pics of her from back in the day, and her tits were fantastic!

Temporary like Achilles said...

Seriously? That's funny.

Stacey said...

I'm glad I watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye instead. Tammy Faye is always styling.