Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoe Polish

I'm not sure where to start this post, so I guess I'll just begin @ the beginning. Wendy's Harry Potter folks hosted a Harry Potter themed Ball on Friday which featured costumes & a couple of Wizard Rock bands whose names I don't recall. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them, though the "headliner" did seem to possess a little talent. I couldn't believe how many songs about those books people could write. It was like Rocky Horror for sober virgins. The 1st band sounded like The Who, every song was like "Pinball Wizard" (except the Pete Townshend cover which we had a hard time placing). The main thing to come from it was that I decided that if I were to read the books, which I can't see ever happening, I'd be a Slytherin kid... whatever that means. Rather than dressing like a character I'd never heard of, & apropos of nothing what-so-ever, I just wore the tartan kilt & all the effects... skean dhu, dirk, flashers, sporran, etc. This finally brings us to the point of the story. I had to polish my black shoes beforehand which hadn't been done in quite a while (& now I think I'll have to polish my soccer shoes soon too). Although I spent the next couple hours smelling like I'd just made a sign reading, "I assure you, we're open," they look fantastic. However, I'm afraid I've become a different person over the last few years. I was walking out of my office this morning & tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. My 1st concern wasn't "oh, no... who saw that?" or "Ouch!," but rather, "Shit, did I scuff my shoe?" As it turns out, my shoe came through it all unscathed so I guess I'll be able to make it a few more days before I have to break out the polish again. If only my soul came through it all unscathed too.


Daye said...

I love you dante.

peltierinator said...

Hopefully that was the end because you stopped.