Friday, March 27, 2009


There aren't enough Sham-Wows in the world to clean up this mess. Vince Shlomi, your Sham-Wow specialist, was arrested recently for beating up a hooker. Apparently, she bit his tongue and wouldn't let go so he punched her in the face. The problem w/ the tactic seem 2-fold though. 1st, when punching someone in the face while one's tongue is still in said person's mouth seems dangerous... like an uppercut could slice the tip of the puncher's tongue clear off. 2nd, it's always been my belief that prostitutes didn't kiss... why was his tongue in her mouth to begin w/? Admittedly, I have no experience w/ them, but in Action Jackson, there's an elderly gentleman who refuses to kiss a woman due to his false teeth; however, she assumes it's because he thinks she's a whore and would therefore not kiss him back. Of course, once this is worked out, they fall in love & live as happily ever after as any secondary character in Action Jackson could. Maybe the Sham-Wow dude never saw Action Jackson; had he sen it, he may not have gotten into this odd little predicament. Of course, this means that I've seen Action Jackson enough times to be able to reference it on my blog. The 2nd time was only because it was on after The Death of the Incredible Hulk... or possibly The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. I know I saw them both, but 20 years later, I must apologize for my inability to tell them apart. A better man would know the difference. I bet Vince Shlomi knows the difference.

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jason said...

Vince is like Texas. You shouldn't mess with him.
Maybe this hooker was actually more like an escort. And maybe escorts will kiss, unlike your average hooker off the street.