Thursday, March 19, 2009

MLS Fantasy League

For those of you who have been excited to find out that Becks is staying in LA, or those of you who have been holding your breath in anticipation of Freddie Ljungberg's debut in Seattle, or those of you who just love watching Landon Donovan fail, I made a fantasy league. Go Here to register your team & then sign up in the league: DB MLS. The password is "Ladycakes." The 1st games were tonight so we've missed out on a few possible points, but as long as you register Friday, we'll all be set to star on Saturday.

PS Based on those links above, I wanna suggest that if the MLS stars tried wearing more clothes, they might be better soccer players.


Daye said...

i like their booty shorts

Daye said...

thank you by the way--fanning self