Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old People

Old people music
We were listening to "Cryptical"> "Other One" from The Fillmore east 2-11-69 this morning as I was taking the kids to school. I was informed that The Grateful Dead are sooo 20th Century! I reminded them about the great time the had when we saw the Dead a few years ago & Aiden reminded me he fell asleep out of boredom... Solstice claims to have pretended to like. She was (so she says) bored out of her mind. They wondered why I am so unwilling to listen to cool music that is popular which made me realize that the last time I heard "The Other One" on the radio was never & maybe they're right. I hadn't listened to the GD in quite a while, in fact I've been listening to less & less music in general. I remember my parents preferring to listen to the news in the car & it drove me nuts. I just wanted to hear Thriller again. Maybe I'm becoming my parents as I deprive my kids of mediocre pop-crap.
Old People Houses
In Berkshire, south east England, an 18 year old kid was tired of his parents' old million pound estate. Apparently it was too boring & common for him. He did what any genius in his position would do... he painted a huge cock on the roof so he could see it on Google Earth. It's a strange looking cock though... like it had a Prince Albert ripped out of the tip by an angry whore.
Old people television
In other Gwateful Dead news, Bobby, Phil & Wawwen will be on The View Monday along w/ Bill O'Weilly. I highly doubt they'll be allowed to confront Bill O, & I would pwefer Bill Kreutzman to Bill O'Weilly, but eitha way it's pwetty funny. Supposedly, they get a music segment where they'll play an acoustic song & then they'll get an interview segment. Whoopi must be over the moon, but Baba Wawwa will have to say "Jerry Garcia" which, I imagine, she's been pwacticing all week.
I made a bracket of 64 GD tunes in an attempt to figure out what they'll play. In the end, it seems the final 4 are "Touch of Grey" (in honor of all the grey haired women who watch the show), "Cassidy" (in an attempt to get Hasslebeck to name her baby after a Dead song... & half the dogs in any GD Parking Lot), "Liberty" (w/ Bill O' on cowbell... that would be something!), & "Friend of the Devil" (in honor of Hasslebeck's & O'Reilly's friendship w/ GWB). I'm still pulling for an underdog though; a half hour "Dark Star" would be fantastic.


buddhafrog said...

All interesting, but the cock pic is pretty damn great. I would be so proud if one of my boys did this. Then I'd punish them.

I found I was listening to much less music - talk radio all the time. But since I'm come to Korea, with no talk radio for me, I've returned to music and absolutely love it. I feel like I'm 23 again. I've also fully adjusted to digital and am exploring the control this gives me over my musical library.

Let's see how long this lasts.

Steve said...

I don't have the link handy, but if you do a search on google maps for "berkshire england penis house," it pops right up. So to speak. Sadly, the penis has been painted over/taken out on google.