Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Long, George W. Bush!

For those of you who are like me & have to work today, here are a few links you can use to catch the inaugural stuff on-line:
  • Presidential Inaugural Committee 2009: This is the official site, but the stream seams problematic.
  • C-SPAN: They have a lot of streams, which is a mixed blessing... it's hard to decide which one to watch. I'll stick w/ the main 1 as long as it stops breaking up.
  • Terra: for our Spanish speaking friends... our our non-Spanish speaking friends who would prefer to watch it in Spanish... Solstice used to do this all the time w/ kids shows & is much more prolific w/ Spanish than I'll ever be.
  • CNN: The CNN feed has some weird partnership w/ Facebook so I suppose you can poke people while you watch... or throw things @ them or play Wordscraper or....
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    Stephanie said...

    oh my goodness, I completely forget to take my wordscraper turn in all the excitment! I'll get on that! :)