Saturday, January 17, 2009

Burns' Night: Saturday the 24th

Don't forget to start thinking about the poem you plan to read @ the Knapp/Dewees residence next week. You may also need to press your kilt & get a bottle of Scotch. Although, as always, if you need to choose between the ironing & the Scotch buying, choose the Scotch! I always do. I'm personally looking forward to both the kilt and the Scotch; in fact, I was thinking about going formal this year... we'll see if I really break out the flashers & dirk. To prepare for the festivities, you may also want to find a set of bagpipes (that actually have a hole all the way through the blowpipe & chanter). Another thing you could do would be to have yourself a merry little kilt-a-thon film fest by watching movies like Brigadoon, Rob Roy, Tunes of Glory, Braveheart, etc. A longer list of kilted films is available here. It's obviously not an exhaustive list, & some of the films mentioned are only peripherally kilted, but others are pretty damn good. The film on the list that I think I need to see soon is The Match... because along w/ a main character in a kilt, it's about the rivalry between a couple pub soccer teams.
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    David said...

    I don't know about the list of films, but the short video you included was very entertaining.

    As a Scottish Highlander exiled in Germany I too would rather buy the Scotch than press my kilt.

    kind Regards,