Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Post Good Things & Good Things Get Posted

I was looking for info about the new season of Lost when I found this totally unrelated clip. Maybe there's a relation in that along w/ Lost, My Name is Earl is 1 of my favorite shows. As we have 2 episodes DVRed for tonight, a good way to get into the My name is spirit would be to watch this sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny gag/outtakes reel from season 2. It's generally funnier than it is unfunny & I'm a sucker for outtakes & gag reels... & clip shows which feature these types of things. Enjoy, & then enjoy a little of Jason Lee skateboarding from his previous career. The 1st song in this clip is called "The Knife Song," but I can't find much more info than that (other than the possibility that the lead singer of the band may be Jeff Tremaine of Big Brother Magazine fame & the creator of Jackass. The band is apparently called Milk). It kind of sounds like a mix of early '90s LA pop-punk & Ecoustic Hookah... I dig it.The othe rpoint of interest in this video is that young Jason Lee looks much more like the kid who plays Young Earl Hickey than I would have expected.

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