Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pregame: The Horror

Claire Kahane, among others, has claimed that Kurtz's "The horror,the horror" should be seen as homonymic of "The whore,the whore." I don't want to dwell on that thought too much, but it's an interesting quote to use introducing this montage of Palin quotes. Of course, if Marlowe misunderstood Kurtz's dying words, my interpretation differs slightly from Kahane's who suggests Kurtz is blaming women for his fall & the fall of mankind in general. He's too complex for that. When Marlowe asks him if there is a message to deliver to his fiance, the possibility that Kurtz refers to her as a whore suggests, to me anyway, his acknowledgement that she is whoring out her religious beliefs as well as her naivety in an attempt to cover up the major problems of colonialism. If anything, he is the pimp to her whore, using the Occidental perceptions of the non-European world to accomplish his own goals.
Regardless, I didn't mean to log in today to discuss "Heart of Darkness," you've all read it; the mini-analysis isn't necessary. I logged in to hype up tonight's debate. I was a bit underwhelmed by Friday's Obama v McCain, but tonight should be something special. On Friday, I felt like I so often felt while seeing Dead back in the day. I didn't want to look away because of the possibility that some sweet, sweet moment might be just around the corner. As w/ the live music, it wasn't often the case the other night. Tonight, though, as Biden & Palin enter the metaphorical octagon, we may be in for greatness. I mean, "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy" greatness. Unfortunately, while the polls are suggesting a spike in Obama's popularity this week, we can't forget that Benson's remark to Quayle didn't help Dukakis win the election. It should be fun, but let's not count our bridges to nowhere before they're built. When she loses tonight, there will inevitably be some misplaced sympathy for her. when people feel she's "just like them, unable to withstand the assaults of a Washington insider," some will certainly want to support her more. These are the people we call the douchebags, & when this happens & McCain wins in 5 weeks, we will have to deal w/ a horror the likes of which Kurtz could never have imagined.


dan said...

Awesome! I'm saying this is your best post in a long while!

Daye said...

I have to agree with young Daniel. well written my friend. (and not a single tub girl ref!)

Andre said...

Well, Sarah Palin is much more disgusting than Tub Girl could ever be.

Joe said...

Thats a bit of a stretch. Tub Girl was the worst freaking thing you've ever posted.

I disagree with your prediction that McCain will win in 5 weeks. I honestly believe Obama is going to win. I'm usually good like this. Count it. Obama wins in the vicinity of 280 something to 230 something. Like Bush V. Kerry.

On a side note: In 1995 I was in Korea serving a tour and John McCain visited us. Of course, he was really cool and all but I was amazed at how short the guy really is in person. I'm 5'11 on a good day and I towered over the guy. Anywho. I liked him. It was the first time I had heard of the guy. He seemed like a good dude and his whole POW story was fascinating to me at the time. I remember thinking, "this guy should run for President."

That being said, I honestly believe that McCain has run the worst campaign I've ever seen. His policies and campaign are indicative of a total scatter brain! Say what you want about Bush but that dude and Karl Rove could run a campaign. AND they beat McCain's ass with his claim to fame the same way they beat Kerry.

McCain is a poor choice. However, Obama is a doosh as well. People will vote for him because fucking Oprah told them too AND (most importantly) he's got that charismatic quality Clinton had. I say fuck this guy. I don't trust him.

Still, I think both of these guys are good men. I don't think either one of them are going to fuck things up any worse than they already are BUT you never can tell.

I wish more of America would vote because of the issues. Not because of how somebody looks or talks but I guess its the world we live in.

BTW, Heart of Darkness is the shit. Love it.