Monday, October 6, 2008

Searchin' for the ghost of Tom Joad

I went out on my lunch break today to score a couple tix for the Springsteen/Obama rally @ Oestrike Stadium this afternoon w/ John, the dairy buyer. We were only allowed 2 apiece, but his wife couldn't go so he gave me his extra which in turn meant both of my kids could get in. (As it turns out, they had extras outside so it would have been fine anyway.) We went straight from their school to the stadium & walked in while Kitty Donahoe was playing. Apparently, we missed Dick Siegle... I dig him, but it was not to be. After she finished & the sound dudes screwed around for a few minutes, some local minister said a prayer & then an ROTC guy led the Pledge. After that, the EMU Gospel Choir did an amazing rendition of The Star Spangled Banner... they are fantastic! Debbie Dingle spoke next... & not so coherently I might add, but then John Dingle topped her awkwardness w/ some strange claims about defense attorneys. Solstice & Aiden found some friends so they were running around in the outfield while everyone was talking. Next up was Diane HAthawy, a canidate for State Supreem Court. She seems super cool, so I'm going to take this moment to put up another Visions of Ypsi Endoresment... Vote for Diane Hathaway! By the time The Boss came out, I was checking my watch because Aiden's team had practice @ 5:30 We got to see a few songs though as I hooked up w/ more friends from work. There was even a nice scent of pot in the air. The set-list was fun, but Aiden refused to believe a guy w/ a harmonica & an acoustic guitar was playing Rock & Roll. He might be right, but even if he is an over the hill folkie, he's doing a damn good job getting people revved up... of course, between 5 & 7 students in each of my classes hadn't heard of him. Here's the Detroit News recap, which is basically just like my recap but quicker because Susan Whitall presumably didn't have to coach a soccer practice right afterwards. The practice was good though & I think these kids will become a good group of players if they stick w/ it. Which is kind of how I feel about Springsteen's songwriting... he shows promise, but the jury is still out.

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