Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It was a good run

After 50 years, Cuban-Americans in Miami & around the nation will be chasing their Mojitos w/ a sense of closure. I imagine this means the end for all of those Cuban restaurants that have flurished lately as the proprietors will now be returning home. That's right people, you heard it here 12th or 13th, Castro has stepped down from his role as El Presidente & plans to serve his people as a "soldier of ideas." That'll be a nice change for him... serving his people as opposed to his people serving him. I'll never forget those glory day of el revolucion. We spent months in the mountains. Me, Che, Fidel, & Raul, & then of course, Simone & Jean Paul joined us for a while. It was quite the decadent party lifestyle in those hills. But, alas, those days are gone.Here is the man of the hour showing off his new Adidas track suit made in the colors of the Cuban flag specifically for his endorsement deal. Castro's lifestyle has always overshadowed his speed, but his bursts in the 440 are really impressive. I can totally see why a major outfit like Adidas would sign a deal w/ him. That's just good business. Speaking of Adidas, I stopped into a local sporting goods store, The Trading Post the other day to price soccer shoes. You may remember that I'd worn a hole through the toe of my boots last fall so I've been patiently waiting for a deal. As it so happened, they only had 2 pairs of soccer shoes in the store in my size. Both were Adidas... just like Castro wears. I had budgetted for about 80 bucks but figured I might need to spend a little more than that because the price of cleats has skyrocketed recently. I found the 1st pair on clearance for 35 bucks & it had a little sign next to it saying they only had 1 pair & that the pair was a size 13. "SWEET!" I thought, "I'm getting out of here on the cheap." As I was walking around in them, I found of bin of random shoes for 50% off in which there was the 2nd pair. The 1st pair had a molded sole for harder, dryer ground while the 2nd pair (also 35 bucks) was a six-stud screw-in for a soft, wet pitch. I decided to get both pairs & still spent less than I was planning. I had to buy the metal studs for the soft-ground pair seperately, but the good people @ The Trading Post threw in the stud wrench for free. I suppose I'll still need to find a good place to secure a little Duct Tape though... for the sake of el tradicion.


dan said...

Funny stuff! Congrats on the new kicks!

Elizabeth said...

Keep your eyes peeled for deals in the women's size 8 range, for I will be returning with thunder to the green team this fall and my cleats have died.