Monday, February 4, 2008

Links Links Links

First of all, for those of you who have been avid readers of Steve's unofficial blog while also reading his official blog, you'll be excited to know he has revamped his system & now maintains one blog that does the work of both of his former blogs. You can find the new and improved @

In other link news, after reading his blog, it became apparent that I needed to add a list of wikis to this blog. The list will be placed on the sidebar as well, but for now you can check them out right here:
  • wikisein: The Seinfeld wiki
  • wiki jawaka: The Frank Zappa wiki
  • wiki porn: a wiki w/ all of your porn needs... specifically formatted for Matt
  • wookieepedia: The Star Wars wiki (not about hippies)
  • Lostpedia: The famous Lost wiki
  • wiki leaks: the on-line home for all of your leaked government documents
  • Wikistock: the Woodstock wiki
  • a 2nd Wookieepedia: for your Wookie needs (it's all in the wookie language) (also not about hippies)
  • DC Universe wiki: for your DC comic needs
  • The Superman wiki: as if the DC wiki wasn't enough
  • Wocka Wocka Wiki: your one stop for Muppet info (it's not actually called "Wocka Wocka Wiki," but it should be)
  • The Pagan wiki: the title says it all I guess
  • The Religion wiki: in case the Pagan one isn't enough for you
  • The Christian wiki: 3 about religion and none about Arsenal???
  • Sponge Bob Wiki Pants: this is a link I scored from Steve
  • Christmas Specials Wiki: out of season now, but you'll be thanking me in Novemeber
  • Hogan's Heroes wiki: does Hogan's Heroes really need its own wiki?

    If you happen upon other wikis, please be sure to leave a link for me to put on the sidebar. Thanks!
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